"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Speaking of edgy…

This is what one of the leaders of a national board in Matthew’s denomination does for fun.


So stinking edgy.

Matthew’s denomination.

le edgy heretic

From conservative egalitarians to mainline women pastors

Mainliners pretending to be edgy heretics because they’re feminists are cute the same way secular liberals pretending to be the rebellious underdogs because they’re against racism are.

Yup. Its spiritual equivalent is one who assumes their Donald Miller collection and David Bazan albums puts them on the edge of Christianity.

As for the latest melodrama on the Twitters, I stopped taking most of the defendants seriously long ago, but it’s still a little interesting to watch the roles reversed. You live by the outrage…

Justin, do you mean something like this…



I noticed the subversive thing to do on Facebook/Twitter amongst anyone to the left of James Dobson is to call yourself a heretic in your description. From conservative egalitarians to mainline women pastors, It seems to be a trend.

To me it comes off like suburban kids at the end of the cul-de-sac with their hats on backwards making up fake gang signs while listening to Snoop. At some point the real thing is going to cross your path and they’ll just laugh at you.


What he did to skip out of work will AMAZE You!!!

Well, not really. But I’m like 76% through the final book according to my kindle and I just want to take time off to finish the story. You know how you get to that point in a book?
Chris, I love the Potter books and look forward to reading them to my kids. And I’ll do terrible British accents for the voices. One thing I’m surprised that more conservative Christians didn’t get up in arms about in regards to the Potter series was Hagrid. I mean, think about how Hagrid came to be. Hagrid’s dad was human. Was he really drunk one night?

Better than Narnia

Andy, thanks. I’ll have to keep at it. We read the first book aloud with the family and I think there’s sufficient interest there to continue it, but probably not until we finish up Harry Potter. (Currently half-way through book 6!) At least they all provide opportunities to do fun voices. (My favorite part of reading aloud is getting to do voices.)

Chris, I’ve enjoyed each book a bit more than the one that preceded it. In the third book I began seeing some threads that really captured my imagination in regards to my faith. It wasn’t until I was well into the 4th book that I began to think that this might be a better story over a series than Narnia. So it’s funny that your friend said that, because I was just wondering if I thought that myself. And I love Lewis’ stuff.


I’ve read the first two Wingfeather books and have the next two on my shelf ready to read. I’ve enjoyed them and yet I’m afraid I’m not giving Peterson the credit he deserves somehow. Yeah, they’re good. Are they “better than Narnia”, as one friend recently raved on Facebook? I’m not sure about that. But I may have difficulty being objective, since Narnia (and LOTR) are the books of my childhood, that Peterson also grew up with and is now following. Time will tell, I guess.

I cannot remember if it came up here, but since you’ve been discussing books – have you guys read Andrew Peterson’s fiction? “The Wingfeather Saga”. I am most of the way through the 4th book. I am loving them. They seem to me what good fiction/fantasy by a Christian author ought to be. Full of great themes and story.

Oh, and Justin, well done with your post title in connection with that comment. Very well done.