"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Wayne Grudem, troll. (jn+)


My view is that the pastor is the employer of the congregational members, who are equipped and mobilized and put to work. The Owner and Boss is Jesus, the lay leaders provide accountability and set policy (board of elders), and the customers that we seek to serve are those who are far from God and need to be reached in Word and deed.

I’m afraid I find that whole metaphor completely inadmissible. Jesus isn’t my “Boss” (he’s my Lord and Saviour), my pastor isn’t my “employer” (my employer pays me money to tell me what to do), and those the church serves aren’t our “customers” (customers pay us money to give us things they want).

My point was that the church needs to get away from understandings of its life and mission that are rooted in capitalist modernity entirely, not that it needs to use slightly different versions of the same consumerist metaphor.