"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

The part that *really* rankled me regarding Tim’s post was his caveat re: his “relationship” with CJM and SGM —

Before I begin, it may be useful for me to explain the nature of my relationship with C.J. Mahaney and Sovereign Grace Ministries, though there is actually very little to explain. I recall meeting Mahaney only one time and for no more than two or three minutes. To my knowledge we have never corresponded by email or any other media. He and I have never shared a speaking platform and I have never spoken at a SGM event (though I did liveblog a couple of them several years ago). All this to say that I write as an outside observer rather than as a personal friend and write this article primarily for the benefit of other outside observers.

I’d argue — and have already argued in the past with Tim himself — that this isn’t the proper measuring stick for his “relationship” with CJM and SGM.

The proper measuring stick looks something like this (and this is just a quick review I did a while back, running “Mahaney” through the advance search feature on Tim’s blog — 26 pages of hits, this is just from pages 21-26 in date order) —

13 June 2005 (Review of Piper’s Sex and the Supremacy of God — 1st he’d read of Mahaney)
21 July 2005 (Jamming to Songs for the Cross Centered Life) – referred to how he’d been meaning to read Cross Centered Life for a long, long time
22 July 2005 (Greatest Sinner I Know)
25 July 2005 (review of Songs for the Cross Centered Life)
12 August 2005 (review of Mahaney’s Sex, Romance and the Glory of God)
2 November 2005 (Covergence — mentions Mahaney @ MacArthur’s church)
21 November 2005 (A Desperate Jealousy)
2 December 2005 (Link to review of Mahaney’s book on Humility)
5 December 2005 (9th Commandment)
6 December 2005 (highlighting Solo Femininity — SGM’s Carolyn McCulley)
9 December 2005 (Sam Waldron part 2 – reference to Mahaney in MacArthur’s church)
12 December 2005 (Link to Josh Harris re: biblical advice for blogosphere and emphasizing that Harris may soon write on his mentoring relationship with Mahaney)
15 December 2005 (highlighting Bob Kauflin’s blogs for music)
22 December 2005 (Warnock interview of Harris on Mahaney mentorship)
22 December 2005 (Thursday Ramblings – highlights In the World but not of the World SGM audio series)

20 February 2006 (link to Mahaney re: reading/study habits of Dever, Mohler, etc.)
28 March 2006 (link to Mahaney’s interview of T4G guys re: serious threats to the gospel)
29 March 2006 (link to Girl Talk – “a book well worth reading for mothers and daughters”)
20 April 2006 (link to Mahaney’s article re: a plan for reading and study)
3 May 2006 (Link to Harris letter re: his friend, hero and mentor, CJ Mahaney)
13 June 2006 (link to Mahaney’s Deliberate Complementarian Pastors)
9 August 2006 (WorshipGod06 — highlighting SGM as “never known more caring, humble people”)

16 February 2007 — Friday Ramblings (Resolved Conference, included Mahaney)
18 February 2007 — Resolved Conference V (session by Mahaney)
26 May 2007 — New Attitude II
27 May 2007 — New Attitude III (talked with Joshua Harris)
28 May 2007 — New Attitude IX
3 July 2007 — (Link to Shopping for Time)

13 March 2008 (post re: traveling to Ligonier Ministries – Mahaney mentioned)
8 April 2008 (link to CJ/Carolyn Mahaney re: when husbands are criticized)
15 May 2008 (link to Mahaney’s posts on modesty and chance to pre-order his new book)
15 May 2008 (link to SGM’s Carolyn McCulley in Ethiopia)
9 June 2008 (highlighting Mahaney’s book list)
30 October 2008 (Free copy of worldliness for your pastor)
13 November 2008 (quote from Mahaney re: Busyness)

3 September 2009 (link to free Kindle version for Carolyn Mahaney and daughters’ Shopping for Time)

In his 2005 post on Desperate Jealousy, for example, he wrote “[Joshua] Harris had his mentor in Mahaney, and I couldn’t think of too many guys who would do a better job of it. There isn’t much I wouldn’t give to have that type of relationship with a man like Mahaney.”