"Seek out the society of your boon companions, drink, play, talk bawdy, and amuse yourself. One must sometimes commit a sin out of hate and contempt for the Devil, so as not to give him the chance to make one scrupulous over mere nothings…" –Luther

What I know about Lutherans

My paternal grandparents were ELCA, which meant I visited a few times. My (very conservative) parents viewed the ELCA as uncomfortably liberal, but the pastor who preached my grandfather’s funeral gave a great gospel message.

My knowledge of LCMS is limited to what I picked up when I served as a substitute music leader at our big local LCMS church one Sunday a few years ago.

WELS are the folks who won’t participate in the traditional post-game prayer in our church softball league. (I’ve been out of that league for a couple of years, but I wonder a bit how the prayer works now that the local mosque has a team in the league…)

And whatever Lutheran flavor they have in England must be OK since they can claim John H as a member.

That’s all I’ve got.