"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

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Jarred I went through seminary with Platt. His passion for missions and the Church is to be well respected. He is influenced a lot by Piper. I think you will enjoy his stuff.

I am not pastoring right now but I know when I get back at it will be as a shepherd not as a CEO.

There is an independent Baptist church not far from our neighborhood. I would probably never visit there and would want my neighbors to go find a church that was not as legalistic and is not a king jimmy only church. There is much that is taught there that I am sure I would be uncomfortable […]

Are people flocking to the Unitarian Universalists? Nope. The mainline denominations are opening up their beliefs to be acceptable to all and are going to run off anyone who has any firm convictions.

Excited and encouraged the SBC elected Fred Luter as prez of the convention.

I am resigning from my church today as their Pastor. It is just time to go. Appreciate your prayers through this transition. I am entering back into the “secular workforce” and will be selling insurance. So anyone in Georgia who needs some great coverage send me an email. I appreciate and need the business. Hopefully […]

I found the IM through piper talk when it was still done in thread form. Michael taught me what is important in this evangelical circus I find myself in. That is the gospel. Michael will always be one of the biggest influences on my ministry and for that I am forever grateful. I miss him […]

Now that Chuck Norris has endorsed Newt the whole tavern should line up in support.

John H- I believe we need politicians who are Christians not “Christian politicians”. As believers we need to be informed and involved but not muddy the water with our faith and politics being so intertwined. The Church I pastor is in the second most republican county in Georgia. The community I live in we had […]

It is really hard to get excited about any of the current candidates. I am really tired of trying to pick a person based on if he or she can beat the current member in the White House. Where is a leader we can get excited about? Where is the vision and where is the […]