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Oh hey look, I remembered my login. It’s been a long time since I’ve engaged here. I miss it. Jason Blair: you can talk about alternative church formation all day long and it won’t be obnoxious to me at least.

I feel sad for you people who never read L’Engle as a kid. She shaped my theological imagination in so many good ways. Same with Narnia. One fantasy book I recommend (it’s a beast but worth it) is The Stone and the Flute. Really good. Never read Moby Dick, but the title still makes me […]

Without the Nicene creed, I don’t believe Evangelicals would hold the trinity as essential. Evangelicals have a very short memory of history: Acts, Nicaea, Reformation, Quakers, Spurgeon, the 60’s, the 80’s, Contemporary worship. Personally, I believe that in Nicaea hadn’t happened, the Spirit would have still brought about a trinitarian confession of faith, but that’s […]

And now for something completely different…

I am starting Capon’s book “Supper of the Lamb”. I’m reading it because 1) I really want to 2)I really want to and 3) it is part on my preparation to start a monthly liturgical brunch for some of the local disciples I know who are in the wilderness them selves. I figured the bar […]

Jaredd I’m so glad to hear that about your son. +Praise God from whom all blessings flow. May grace upon grace be the wake of this medical condition that through medicine and divine healing seems to be in remission. May the remission become a cure. You are Good Jesus; you do all things well. Thank […]

Why does braless automatically mean unmodest? We really should hear from some women on what it means to be pressured into acting a certain way to please men, wether that’s “Tits or GTFO” or “Cover those girls up young lady”.

You and me both Chris. It is just heartbreaking, maddening, and laughable all at once.

Kent: thank you. Jaredd: You are really missing the point of what some of us are saying. Maybe the pastor shouldn’t be getting other people to do what he wants. That doesn’t mean organization shouldn’t happen. Maybe it just means the community life is messy and people shouldn’t expect one guy to fix the hearts and action of other people. […]

This is an honest question, because I run into this quite often: Why do people end up thinking that I have an issue with leadership and authority when I start calling the CEO/Pastor a bad church model? I’m not anti-authority, anti-leadership, anti-elder, or any thing like that. I just don’t think the form those things […]

The man is not the system

Jaredd I truly wasn’t imagining a power hungry CEO/Pastor straw man. I was trying to comment more on the underlying assumptions we have bought as truth that create organizational structures that have to be pragmatic to survive. Most of my issues/criticism of the the CEO/Pastor model isn’t about the assumed character of a man on the platform. I think there […]