"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

You’re missing my point. I’m not talking about normal usage. I’m talking about people who leave their loaded, chambered gun in their purse within reach of their toddler. (that was the context of my car analogy) I’m not anti-handgun. I’m not advocating banning handguns. Let me repeat myself since that’s what we’re doing. I’m anti-people […]

More dangerous for the people in the car. I think a closer analogy, would be for someone to leave a child in a car with the engine running and the transmission in drive.

Ken: Yeah, that makes sense. Sounds like no one is going to end up accidentally shooting themselves or someone else with your handguns. My beef is with people so fearful or careless that rather than making themselves safer they are actually a danger to themselves and others. I’m still interested in the pigs. I’ve read […]

Ken: It isn’t the loaded part that makes me wonder. It doesn’t make sense to carry around an unloaded pistol. When I hunt I obviously carry a loaded gun. But I don’t hunt with the safety off. If someone practices with whatever gun they use, then flipping the safety off is as natural as shouldering […]

I read an article in Businessweek that said there are tens of thousands of incidents per year where guns are used by civilians in self defense. That’s pretty compelling. I don’t know where they got their statistics but I don’t have reason to doubt them. And as FP points out, there are relatively few accidental […]

Handguns are lighter and easier to manipulate in tight spaces, like hallways. They also hold more rounds and recoil less. Granted, but I’m not actually keen on shooting someone. I said deterrent. A shotgun is more intimidating than a handgun. The recoil is trivial and unless I inexplicably find myself in a shootout, one shot […]

I live in a pretty rural area, so civilians with guns are more of a danger than police with guns. Frankly I don’t think most people in this neck of the woods carry a concealed weapon. Many have pistol permits but the folks I know keep them for home protection or sport shooting. I’ve never […]

Jeremiah: If you consistently rode with or shared proximity with a texting or other dangerous drivers, your anxiety level would probably go up. I don’t feel unsafe because I think there are unsafe gun-owners around me. I don’t hang around such people (to my knowledge). I do feel sorry for the families of such people. […]

I have no intention of purchasing a pistol, so I don’t need safety instructions, but it is clear a lot of people who own them either haven’t had such instruction or simply ignore it. You’re right, I wasn’t aware that so many models of handgun don’t have a safety, but it does explain a lot. […]

Jeremiah: Good points. I agree.