"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

I read an article in Businessweek that said there are tens of thousands of incidents per year where guns are used by civilians in self defense. That’s pretty compelling. I don’t know where they got their statistics but I don’t have reason to doubt them. And as FP points out, there are relatively few accidental […]

Handguns are lighter and easier to manipulate in tight spaces, like hallways. They also hold more rounds and recoil less. Granted, but I’m not actually keen on shooting someone. I said deterrent. A shotgun is more intimidating than an handgun. The recoil is trivial and unless I inexplicably find myself in a shootout, one shot […]

I live in a pretty rural area, so civilians with guns are more of a danger than police with guns. Frankly I don’t think most people in this neck of the woods carry a concealed weapon. Many have pistol permits but the folks I know keep them for home protection or sport shooting. I’ve never […]

Jeremiah: If you consistently rode with or shared proximity with a texting or other dangerous drivers, your anxiety level would probably go up. I don’t feel unsafe because I think there are unsafe gun-owners around me. I don’t hang around such people (to my knowledge). I do feel sorry for the families of such people. […]

I have no intention of purchasing a pistol, so I don’t need safety instructions, but it is clear a lot of people who own them either haven’t had such instruction or simply ignore it. You’re right, I wasn’t aware that so many models of handgun don’t have a safety, but it does explain a lot. […]

Jeremiah: Good points. I agree.

Randy: Do you carry with the gun loaded, chambered, and with the safety off?

Ken, You carry it loaded and chambered as well? I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I really wonder how necessary it is to be ready to draw and fire in a split second if you are not a law enforcement official. This isn’t Tombstone. I’d like to see some numbers as to whether […]

What gives?

At the risk of starting a row here, what is it with people and guns? When you are carrying a pistol, is it really necessary to have it loaded, chambered, and with the safety off? I’ve spent my whole life with guns. My father was part of a hunting camp that quite frankly wasn’t filled […]


I just heard another fascinating headline on the way in to work that caught me completely off guard. Evidently people with lots of money have an unfair advantage over people without lots of money when it comes to buying goods or services that require money.