"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Obviously we aren’t privy to a lot of what has been going on, but this is how it looks to me. MD built an empire, began devastating it, and now leaves it in ruins while walking away with a too good to be true severance package.

Here’s a question: If I am a member of a church (whether in leadership or not) and I am found guilty of some particular sin(s), something egregious enough that I am formally charged and investigated, and I simply quit the church, have I been held accountable? In other words, could quitting the church without submitting […]

Matt Johnson? I didn’t think anyone was allowed to call you Matt.

We, as faulty as we are, can predict human behavior to a pretty high degree. It would seem that God, knowing us absolutely, can perfectly know how we will respond in any given situation, and rather than implant a command in our mind (which I concede He is perfectly capable of doing), simply arrange circumstances […]

Thanks Matthew, I agree. Since I’m picking the bar’s collective intelligence, let’s talk Molinism. I don’t know much about it, but it looks pretty interesting to me, as it seems to align with some things I’ve always thought about how God might accomplish some things. But some stuff I’ve read characterizes Molinism as kinda-Calvinism with […]

The definitions that I found of LFW say that we are able to make decisions independent of our nature and desires. I find that hard to get my head around. It seems to me that whatever choice we ultimately make, it must be in line with our greatest desire at the moment, and that our […]


I need help from the non-Calvinists in the bar. I’ve recently gotten into a discussion on another board about libertarian free will, and we seemed to be working from different definitions. It was a little hard to have a conversation because on that particular board Calvinists (to which I rather loosely relate) are considered Satan’s […]

I obtained my hunting and fishing license online, days ago, so I am both manly and high tech, which makes me the winner. Plus I planted my own garden, fixed a broken ball joint on my tractor, cut and split my own firewood, and changed the brakes and rotors on my car. It’s a good […]

Opinions please….

I’m not a theologian or a historian, so my ideas may be totally off base, but since the internet is the perfect medium for offering off base ideas, I thought I’d throw these out. It seems to me that there are some movements within evangelicalism that are relatively recent innovations, and pretty unique to American […]

You have the right to remain silent….

but you have to tell people you are going to remain silent.