"Seek out the society of your boon companions, drink, play, talk bawdy, and amuse yourself. One must sometimes commit a sin out of hate and contempt for the Devil, so as not to give him the chance to make one scrupulous over mere nothings…" –Luther

You have the right to remain silent….

but you have to tell people you are going to remain silent.

I’ve never been a fan of the word “inerrant”. It just never seemed like the right descriptor for the bible, even if one doesn’t think it contains errors. Inerrant poetry? I’ve started to read Enn’s series. It’s good, and I agree that a traditional, literalistic approach to the whole bible isn’t quite right. But some […]

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Kate O’Mara played The Rani on Doctor Who. I had no idea she played on Dynasty, although I vaguely remember the show.

Geek alert!

The Rani has died.

My wife and I sponsor a child through WV. I would be reluctant to cut her off over this, but I can’t help but think, in purely practical terms, that this move by WV is going to result in a drastic reduction in support, drastically curtailing their humanitarian efforts.

The cool thing about giving to the poor is that Jesus said not to advertise it, so when people say “Christians don’t give enough to the poor”, I wonder how they know that.

Some might say the boss’s “generosity” in allowing an employee to come in late and drunk and be unreliable is not loving or generous at all. That doesn’t excuse employees gossiping about him. We wouldn’t (I hope) inflict that kind of generosity on our children.

Poor does not equal stupid. If there are poor people who don’t have bad habits that cost them money or make poor financial decisions, then Ramsey’s advice doesn’t apply to them. No need for them to feel offended. If some health expert says that we’d all be healthier if we stopped smoking and drinking, I’m […]

Josh: I agree with your first sentence 100% Regarding the abuse story however, there seems to be some doubt as to its authenticity. Randy: Depends on the church. Some have robust ministries to the poor, others don’t. I’m not an advocate of the mandatory tithe, but I think for most churches, the regular tithe/offering is […]