"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Blue Raja

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Since 2001 I've been pastoring a small church in Nampa, Idaho where I live with my wife and three children (two boys boys and a girl). My theological orientation is broadly Reformed, though I try to be nice about it. I love the church, though I have a lot harder time being nice about it. I like my beer brown and stout. I'm the first generation in my extended family to be born in America. I have a twin brother who is going into professional Christian studies and who, together with me, constitute the only Christians in our extended family (so far). I love to read intellectual history, philosophy of religion, theology and the like. I have an embarrassingly scant repertoire with good literature or fiction of any kind, though I do sometimes reluctantly enjoy the horrendous narratives spun by various computer games. Also, until I figure out how to upload a profile pic, I'm devastatingly handsome. [UPDATE: profile pic uploaded] Also I pathologically lie about my appearance.


Jason: I forgot to mention how highly I would recommend Logos.  It kicks quite a bit of ass.  Not only does it have scores of academic books and incredibly user-friendly ways of actually finding relevant information in them, it is by far the most versatile bible software out there at the moment.  It used to […]


Not sure if the fellows saw it, but Michael’s book was featured on Christianity Today’s website today. Jason: Yeah, Fortress Press has a lot of stuff on Logos and Wright’s “Christian Origins” books are available for a steal at 99.95 (I think it may be the physically heaviest thing you can buy for that much).  […]

You will be so deeply missed. I’m grateful to have crossed your path and hope for the day we’ll meet again.

Praying, Mark.  I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through.  I wish there was something tangible to do for you. You are deeply loved by Christ, who suffers alongside you and by your fellows who wish we could share in your sufferings and help to carry your burden in some way.


Finally I can stop waiting for Pandora to play the songs I like on my TV on the Radio station – you’re the man, Matthew.

Don’t miss this opportunity, Ubisoft.

Focus on the Family should make a kid friendly video game called “Splinter Sect”.  It could be a stealth-action game where you silently infiltrate denominations and execute heresy hunting moves to destroy them.

Sorry . . .

I don’t know why that video initially struck me as being a little too victorious, but it’s clear to me that my nagging intuitions (which Jared vocalized well) about the inappropriateness of my comments (and, most likely my assessment too) were right and my reaction was out of whack.  Perhaps it’s guilt for not handling […]

Sorry, FT – shouldn’t have assumed anyone else would know! I’ve really enjoyed the guy’s preaching, mostly because of how fiercely Gospel-centered it is. I’ve been a pastor for 9 years and I’m still not used to Christian culture, so it’s enlightening to hear someone from the Bible belt criticize it from the inside (another […]

Matt Chandler Before His Surgery

I’m still one of those wieners who doesn’t know how to embed video: But here’s a video of Matt Chandler before his surgery. Interested in reactions.

Sorry to see you go, Strawfoot. I’m pouring a Chimay out on the curb for you right now.