"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Bob Myers

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Husband of incredible woman, father of five great kids, pastor of Christ-Centered, PCA church with a kick'in worship band, Hobbies include running and fitness, Phillies, gardening, and the Ocean. Best two parts of my job, proclaiming the greatest news every day and seeing firsthand the transformed lives!

How do I get connected with my twitter account on here? Anyone in charge of this, want to help me out? My tweets are really not to be missed….

I’m glad Hobby Lobby is standing by their convictions. Governments will answer not that they force compliance with laws, but for what those laws are that they feel constrained to force upon all. Does our government want all Catholic hospitals, charities, and colleges like Wheaton college to go out of business? Time will tell. But […]

Yep, there’s several layers to the narrative, and I admit it’s complex. But what moved and convicted me was the knee jerk reflex of the author to say, “Christians aren’t all like Haggard”, instead of embracing the opportunity to talk about sin and its deceitful hold on the best of us. Why do you lurch […]

Sobering article on whether we really believe in grace, eloquently written, personally convicting and stirring…. Going to Hell with Ted Haggard

Pastor must never be an employee

My view is that the pastor is the employer of the congregational members, who are equipped and mobilized and put to work. The Owner and Boss is Jesus, the lay leaders provide accountability and set policy (board of elders), and the customers that we seek to serve are those who are far from God and […]

John, Matthew Johnson told me I was five years’ late, I had to get cracking right away….

I’m enjoying Twitter. Just for fun I retweeted a sentence that Joel Osteen tweeted that I also believe is true, something like “When you understand how wondrously God made you, it will cure your inferiority complex”… and I got some fire-breathing reactions. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be baiting people. I know, it’s immature, […]

I’m on Twitter now as Hawkforgrace Just wanting to link up with anyone here who has a twitter account and the interest.

I practice Infant Baptism and explain it as a dedication with water claiming the child for Christ and pledging by the parents and congregation to teach, nurture, and surround this child with all the means of grace that will lead to their faith. I see it as the extension of the Covenant sign of circumcision […]

Jaredd, I think you’re on to the truth, and part of that is the barren nature of many sermons, worship services, and church structures. We don’t expect God to show up. We don’t expect God to convert, convict, or physically heal. Miracles in Mozambique article in Christianity Today. CT is not exactly the house organ […]