"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Brian Auten

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I'm a 40-year old West Coast transplant to the Northern VA/DC area where I've been working the past five years as a intelligence analyst for Uncle Sam. Married since '93, have a 16-month old daughter and a son on the way. My wife graciously supported my academic habit while I did my MA and Ph.D. in national security-related fields; published my revised doctoral dissertation on Jimmy Carter's nuclear weapons policy last year with Univ of Missouri Press. Would love to get back into university-level teaching, but just not sure how that's going to work right now. I'm an evangelical mongrel with an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship background who (a) loves Fuller Theological Seminary; (b) is currently a member of a "resurgent Calvinist" congregation and (c) would like to see that resurgence evolve into a kinder and gentler movement. I currently blog at witheredgrass.wordpress.com.

Thoughts on men, men’s ministry and discipleship?

Jaredd — I skimmed through JVG a while back, but I just found this older review which covers a number of the points re: eschatology. All — I’d love to hear some of your collective thoughts/experiences regarding men’s ministry in the local church.  We had a 2 hour talk in our recent small group re: […]

Since my comments to Jaredd re: Driscoll would likely reiterate what we talked about during our 2011 discussion on celebrity vs. ordinary pastors, I’ll point readers back to the previous interaction.  The plagiarism may or may not be *that* big of a deal, but the environment behind the temptation is.  In the link, read again […]

Are that many Family-Integrated Church people *listening* to Reformed rap?

I don’t know.  I think there’s much more for which one could criticize the “Family-Integrated Church” movement than for the likes of this guy calling Reformed rappers a bunch of “disobedient cowards.”    More on Botkin’s clan here — somehow, I don’t think they have Lecrae on their iTunes library. Addendum — I note that Mike […]

I think this will be my last one

And then there’s this older post from MacArthur’s Grace to You — Virtually every abberant idea the Pentecostal and charismatic movements spawned after 1950 can be traced in one way or another to Oral Roberts’s influence. (What the CT blog fails to mention is that Kenneth Hagin and Oral Roberts often ministered together and affirmed […]

More historiography – long post

Back on the historiography for a sec, and a point made by Justin. Justin: And when what was needed was a direct critique of real issues (Joni Tada dealing with wounded people throwing their money at faith healers, Conrad Mbewe dealing with the glut of prosperity preachers in his part of the world), we got […]

And one more thing, just in case there are some conservative YRR evangelicals who would find an in-house Vineyard history too suspect of a source — directly from the acknowledgments of Bill Jackson’s book on Vineyard’s history — I was delighted that scholars such as Peter Wagner and Wayne Grudem read the later drafts.  They […]

Strange Fire and late 20th Century Evangelical History

From a draft transcript of John MacArthur’s final Strange Fire talk, yesterday, 18 October 2013 (transcript by Mike Riccardi, here) …But you have to understand, this other stream of evangelicalism goes back to about 1966, when the hippies came out of San Francisco, joined Calvary Chapel, and we had the launch of an informal, barefoot, […]

Hold or fold?

In light of Driscoll/MacDonald crashing MacArthur’s party, I note that Elephant’s Debt had a link yesterday to the following World Magazine article.  Poker or no poker?  Discuss.

Evangelical muckraking?

I told Chris I’d post this question two days ago, but I didn’t get the chance to do it. Is there a role for “evangelical muckrakers” when it comes to reporting on/about our own evangelical community? If you read something like this (which was reconfigured for the issue of blogging and published eight years later […]

More on McNaughton

Michael shared this when we talked earlier at the Bar about some of those lovely paintings. Any takers for this one?  Only 25K!