"Seek out the society of your boon companions, drink, play, talk bawdy, and amuse yourself. One must sometimes commit a sin out of hate and contempt for the Devil, so as not to give him the chance to make one scrupulous over mere nothings…" –Luther


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I'm a mid-30s engineer and software nerd from the Midwest. Married and father to three daughters, I lead worship occasionally at our EFCA church. While I won't ever be keeping up with some of our fellows on the fine points of Lutheran doctrine, I enjoy providing grist for the Tavern's conversation mill.

Mars Hill Global

As long as we’re talking about brutal things, can I mention Mars Hill Global here w/o breaking the “no Driscoll” rule? (Brian alerted me to this one, so if there’s blame we can blame him, eh?) Throckmorton has a MH internal memo on his site today wherein they pretty blatantly document a cost/benefit analysis: The […]

Yeah, that comment thread re: Tony Jones was brutal. Pride, man, it gets you. Humility and accountability are so hard but so necessary. I kinda like the idea of posting random stuff. I’ll try to remember to do so myself.

Meh. All the world’s a conspiracy, if you believe those who are in the business of selling tinfoil hats. I’d rather be with NT Wright’s cabbie: if God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, all the rest is basically rock’n’roll.


Shea, never heard of him, or it. Let us know what you think, though. Sooner or later I’ll get through my book pile and be able to buy some more. A Twitterer who shall not be named linked a post this morning with an Orthodox perspective on the recent Gospel Coalition brouhaha over sanctification. Looking […]


Jason, yeah, I’ve been following Enns’ series. With my background (and somewhat my present) in churches that pretty much worship the Bible, having stories from folks who don’t is really helpful. That sort of historical literary study really helps reinforce for me that the Bible is an inspired means by which God has made Himself […]

After this long, do we really need a title for a new post?

Well, we’re going on three weeks here, folks. How’s the summer going for everybody? Our kids are about to wrap up our semi-ecumenical cycle of VBSs – they’ve done two local Bible churches, our EFree, the local Assembly of God, but missed the local LCMS this year; that was just one too many. Interesting to […]


Hashtivism is just status signaling. To a large extent, yes. But, in at least this most recent case, hashtavism appears to have accomplished its stated goal of having CT change position and take down the post. So it wasn’t *just* status signaling, was it? The bullet points from my perspective look like this: Hashtavism’s primary […]


it could be construed as doing a good thing so as to be noticed by others. Sure, but is hashtag activism any different than any other sort of activism in that way? Hashtags require a lot less energy and commitment than, say, marching in a protest, but when the cause is just we don’t typically […]

Live by the hashtag, die by the hashtag…

Matthew, I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want opinions. I agree with you that most of the time folks just stop with the hashtag, which is minimally useful at best. (Remember all the people who tinted their profile pics green for Egypt? Or was it Iran? Or was it some other color? Perhaps I’m […]

What’s an average joe to do?

Randy, I’d be game for an occasional Skype call or Google Hangout or whatever technology would facilitate a podcast. I think it’d be fun. On a slightly different topic, the Leadership Journal brouhaha last week brought out some varied opinions about the wisest course for online activism. Some called for taking the post down, others […]