"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian


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I'm a mid-30s engineer and software nerd from the Midwest. Married and father to three daughters, I lead worship occasionally at our EFCA church. While I won't ever be keeping up with some of our fellows on the fine points of Lutheran doctrine, I enjoy providing grist for the Tavern's conversation mill.

No, dangit, I *won’t* let you hear my sermon…

I gotta say, Matthew, that’s a pretty epic Jesus Juke right there. Well played. :-) So, folks, any thoughts on the Houston sermon subpoena? I’m finding my social streams to be a fascinating mix of “separation of church and state, so tell them to pound sand” and “heck, somebody wants to read my sermons? send […]

I honestly didn’t expect to see this…

…and it’s gonna make me break the No-Driscoll rule just this once more. Mark Driscoll resigns as pastor of Mars Hill Church Per the statement, he was not asked to resign by the investigating board, but did so of his own volition. Here’s hoping this leads to real healing and restoration for both him and […]

Facing the music

Trevin Wax reviewed Jennifer Knapp’s new memoir over at TGC. I was pleasantly surprised.

I’ve used up all my manliness for the day, so you get this post instead.

That’s the second time in recent memory I’ve seen that verse quoted on Twitter. The last time was when Ed Stetzer (I think) had written something about calling men to act like men and RHE responded to him saying something along the lines of “the Bible doesn’t direct us to act like men or women […]

Apropos of nothing but I was amused:

“How to gird up your loins”, courtesy of The Art of Manliness. (Click the image to see it in all its, um, glory.)

Cultural Innovation

It seems to me that there are some movements within evangelicalism that are relatively recent innovations, and pretty unique to American Culture. That doesn’t make them wrong per se, but I think we do well to view with suspicion any theological innovation. It also doesn’t mean no one else held the view previously, but only […]

Mars Hill Global

As long as we’re talking about brutal things, can I mention Mars Hill Global here w/o breaking the “no Driscoll” rule? (Brian alerted me to this one, so if there’s blame we can blame him, eh?) Throckmorton has a MH internal memo on his site today wherein they pretty blatantly document a cost/benefit analysis: The […]

Yeah, that comment thread re: Tony Jones was brutal. Pride, man, it gets you. Humility and accountability are so hard but so necessary. I kinda like the idea of posting random stuff. I’ll try to remember to do so myself.

Meh. All the world’s a conspiracy, if you believe those who are in the business of selling tinfoil hats. I’d rather be with NT Wright’s cabbie: if God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, all the rest is basically rock’n’roll.


Shea, never heard of him, or it. Let us know what you think, though. Sooner or later I’ll get through my book pile and be able to buy some more. A Twitterer who shall not be named linked a post this morning with an Orthodox perspective on the recent Gospel Coalition brouhaha over sanctification. Looking […]