"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian


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I'm a mid-30s engineer and software nerd from the Midwest. Married and father to three daughters, I lead worship occasionally at our EFCA church. While I won't ever be keeping up with some of our fellows on the fine points of Lutheran doctrine, I enjoy providing grist for the Tavern's conversation mill.

On Prayer

So John and I have both already posted this on both FB and Twitter, but just in case it’s gone unnoticed, I wanted to draw the tavern’s attention to this piece by Nicole Cliffe, co-editor of the feminist website The Toast. A Christian for only the past three months, she outlines her nightly practice of […]

Peer pressure

Hmmm, Jason, I’m gonna have to chew on that one a bit. The interesting post I came across today is this bit from Pete Enns about “the Christian pressure to disagree”. His nut graf: And this experience has led me to think that we might start believing beliefs because we think they are true but […]

Jason, I ended up replacing Google Reader with Newsblur, a web-based RSS reader similar to the old GReader. You have to pay a bit for a premium (subscribe to an unlimited number of feeds) account, but for me that’s been well worth it. Another place I’ve found engaging discussion is as a part of the […]

John, we blessedly got rid of the necktie dress code about 25 years ago. When I was a new hire in 1999, part of my orientation packet was a photocopy of the original memo sent out in the late 80s officially removing that requirement. When our old (former military) CEO retired last year and the […]

In theory, the idea of doing a bunch of research and writing a long paper sounds like fun to me. In practice, I’m really happy to be in a career where I get by just fine with my undergrad engineering degree. It’s possible at some point my employer will suggest that I pursue an MBA, […]

We seem to have bursts of energy followed by weeks of torpor. Thanks for breaking the ice, Randy. I shall renew my efforts to post here… surely we can find something interesting to discuss…


I went back and relistened to the details. Younger millennials are defined to be 11 years old or younger when 9/11/01 happened. So they are old enough to notice trends already. That age/event linking is important because that means they don’t really remember a pre-9/11 world. OK, that makes more sense… people born > 1990 […]

Teenage Wasteland

But he said that the data shows that younger millennials (defined to be those born after 2000), evangelicals are dropping dramatically and orthodox and Catholic are increasing. He concluded that these younger millennials are the first generation to grow up fully and completely in the seeker movement of Evangelicalism, are tired and suspicious of it, […]

Jaredd was right

Read the book. More frustrated.

Better than Narnia

Andy, thanks. I’ll have to keep at it. We read the first book aloud with the family and I think there’s sufficient interest there to continue it, but probably not until we finish up Harry Potter. (Currently half-way through book 6!) At least they all provide opportunities to do fun voices. (My favorite part of […]