"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian


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Jared has Posted an Apology

…my words hurt others whose pain runs deep and whose healing is difficult. I don’t want to load this apology up with words, because it is the most important part of this to me, and I want to be clear: For those offended or shamed, or otherwise and in any way burdened by my blog […]

Wendy @ Practical Theology for Women (who Jeremiah pointed out to me months ago), from her post, 50 Shades of Complementarians, …I’m going to go blue in the face soon on this topic, but they fell into this pile of manure because conservative complementarians espoused a new interpretation of Genesis 3:16 when they were first inventing the […]

Kinnon: Reading Comprehension

It comes down to reading comprehension. Apparently. My question is whose? You can choose to read Doug Wilson in the most charitable manner possible, and still come away with “what did he just write?” Or. You can view Doug Wilson as TGC-approved and defend him to your dying breath. 50 Shades of Stupid, indeed. — […]

Lurker Jeremiah is right – I didn’t talk about the pedigree (breed?) of the show. They got some big name people working for it — people that know how to make good shows —  and know how to be funny. For those who don’t mind watching it on YouTube, the first season is all up […]

A Guest beats his chest, drinks beer, and defends the ponies

Hey there, I bugged the admins here to let me chime in since the topics were all about manliness and My Little Pony. A quick intro: My name is Justin, and I’ve been lurking at BHT and reading IMonk for nearly a decade now. I was even a pub member years ago for a short […]

That would be 2nd Favourite

“Favourite” – note the correct spelling. And hey, the guest account still works. Yah might want to change that. -Kinnon MOD: Busted. I stand corrected. And no, go ahead and keep the keys. OK then. UPDATE: BTW Those who ignore the abuse suffered by SGMers as a result of Mohler’s and Duncan’s comments will be […]

Joe Carter writes:

Since Michael has been kind enough to offer me the last word on our discussion I’ll take him up on it: I apologize for my behavior today, specifically the inflammatory comments I made about Michael. It reflected poorly on both me and Evangel. But most importantly, it reflected poorly on my Lord and provided an […]

Joe Carter writes:

Mark N The TR view of science that makes truth claims (although truth in this case may fall into the ‘category error’ others have brought up) is a threat. Let me say as a longtime reader of this blog: The BHT tic of attributing everything that the fellows don’t like to the “TRs” was played […]

Joe Carter writes:

THM: We may publish a book of these sometime. We just need a title. Perhaps that should tell you that you might want to listen a little more carefully to what people are saying. If you could write a book filled with people’s claims that you have misunderstood them, it might mean that you have […]

Joe Carter writes:

THM: We’re a long way, Joe, from my original invitation to you to do some follow up with Jared on the Gospel. This entire episode starts to look rather familiar in strategy and conclusion. I’m sure you knew where to get the script. I’ll take that as my cue. . . I want to thank […]