"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian


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High school math teacher. Reader. Thinker. Taught AP Stats for a dozen years and love it. Love fantasy and sci-fi and discussing it with friends. Am not sure where I fit in the Evangelical/post-evangelical/emergent spectrum, but sure am enjoying exploring what all these different folk have to say!

Boomers and Millennials

I’m increasingly noticing that Boomer pastors/leaders talk about Millennials like they’re a problem. e.g., they’re post-modern, digital natives, spiritual but uninterested in true Christianity, etc… But it seems that these Boomers are going to die surrounded by the peers in churches that are only going to get older and older. Because Millennials aren’t a problem […]

Honest covers

Thanks Justin. That’s hilarious stuff. Missing: Ordinary. You be ordinary. I’ll be a world-famous theologian by 29. (That was for you, Brian!)


I heard L’Engle speak once. Goodness how crazy she was. And ridiculous theology. But I do love, love, love her works. Especially Wrinkle. I reread The Wizard of EarthSea just recently. It was only ok to me. But I would like to reread the entire trilogy. I don’t think Moby Dick was worth it. But perhaps my brain […]


That said, with very few exceptions, our churches are still largely organized under the homogeneous unit principle. They’re still segregated. Both within and outside churches, our Black neighbors still feel weighed down by our culture. Sounds to me like you just measured it.


Jason: I’m trying to get my mind around how you could possible measure whether that did or did not have any effect. For all we know, there might be communities where that movement had a large, positive effect. Phil Vischer podcast ep. 129 touched on so many fascinating issues. Chris was wondering about reducing suspensions […]


Chris, I’m having a really hard time with the picture you paint of a super fine line between modesty and shame. I simply cannot find a way to convince myself that this is a difficult balance to walk. And frankly you seem to be describing an anti-fundie/RHE blogosphere created tempest when in fact reality is […]

still confused

I’ll fully admit that I’m still a bit reactionary about things like dress / modesty codes given my fundie upbringing. That’s what you said. I literally have about zero clue what that means. Especially since you’re a straight guy and you have daughters. If we accept the testimony of many of our sisters that they […]

straw too

Now you’ve made a straw man out of my argument. I never said that biology is the only explanation. Although FP‘s argument was centered more around that aspect. Boys love baseball hats. They are generally banned from wearing them. On that basis alone, I’d say boys feel the sting of dress codes as much as girls. […]


Thanks, FT. Exactly.

dress codes

Richard and Chris today tweeted this. Which somehow suggests that dress codes unfairly target females. I have a very visceral reaction to this idea: hogwash, balderdash and ridiculousness. Here are a few thoughts as to why: Dress codes are not sexist, by simple inspection. Boys cannot show their butt-cracks and their penises or their bellies. […]