"Seek out the society of your boon companions, drink, play, talk bawdy, and amuse yourself. One must sometimes commit a sin out of hate and contempt for the Devil, so as not to give him the chance to make one scrupulous over mere nothings…" –Luther


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High school math teacher. Reader. Thinker. Taught AP Stats for a dozen years and love it. Love fantasy and sci-fi and discussing it with friends. Am not sure where I fit in the Evangelical/post-evangelical/emergent spectrum, but sure am enjoying exploring what all these different folk have to say!


My church has been using David Platt’s “Follow Me” series. The core idea is that true believers will follow Him and not be nominal Christians. This is a solid concept. However, in his enthusiasm (which is abundant) Platt is sloppy. Examples: Platt: Why did God save us? So that we can witness to others! Nope. […]


My current worship pastor selects a lot of stuff I like. But he also likes the Gettys (brother and sister writing team) who are so painfully trying to write “modern hymns”. Blech. I just keep trying to worship every Sunday. Shutting my mouth completely and praying or reading the Bible is lately a choice that […]

Just don’t get it

would much prefer if the Christian sheep just did what the leaders said rather than read, pray, study, and discern for themselves. that I hear from / deal with so much If I believed the first statement was true about a group of people, I would stop dealing with/reading from/interacting with said group pretty much […]


that large swaths of Christian leadership, both pastors and professors, would much prefer if the Christian sheep just did what the leaders said rather than read, pray, study, and discern for themselves. That’s an awful broad brush you’re painting with there.

Hope and pain

Continuing my use of this forum for people who (a) know what I mean when I say it and (b) I have ideas too long for Twitter (to which John H thinks to himself “There are ideas too long for Twitter? Huh?” jn) Wright’s hope came blazing through to me like never before this morning (I’m still […]

Now you!

Thanks for the kind responses. I reread the section in question this morning and I don’t think Wright is totally clear. But he seems to suggest that the state of being with the Lord in Paradise is before the 2nd coming and before we are resurrected with our new bodies, so by implication I infer […]

I should probably just ask twitter…

But maybe I’ll get a response here. Who knows? I’m reading Surprised by Hope. I’m finding Wright’s explanations for things very satisfying. I just finished the purgatory chapter. I really like his theology here. He believes that after we die, we are in a “restful and peaceful state”. Not really sleeping, and with God and […]

Men’s groups

I agree with your essential point, Brian. Two groups is undoable for a typical busy family. I have found it best to develop my guy time organically. I also find that I have good guy relationships with the guys in my small group. Although I know that doesn’t always happen.

Well now

I’m rereading Surprised by Hope. It really is so good. I am on his anti-rapture (insufficient description, but it does the job) chapter and he is referencing Jesus and the Victory of God a fair bit. I just looked this book up on Amazon. 751 pages. Goodness. I can’t see me making it through that. […]


You shouldn’t question people’s motives. It makes for dicey arguments. But here I go. I don’t believe that 99% of the people that tweeting, “joking” and blogging about Driscoll’s plagiarism actually care more than the tiniest iota that he plagiarized. I think they don’t like the guy, for a complicated mixture of theological reasons mixed […]