"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Jason Blair

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I was born in the early 70s, came of age in the 80s, learned some vocational stuff and started working in the 90s, and began learning new stuff in the late 00s. I was raised in the United Methodist Church, where I was baptized and confirmed. After that, I gave God hardly a second thought. In the later half of college, God chased me down and reconciled me to himself through his son, Jesus. I was evangelized by a fundamentalist, and discipled in the Evangelical Free church, where I serve to this day. During that time, I got baptized again (which if you asked me about it today, I would say was unnecessary). I was taught the typical "ask Jesus into your heart" evangelicalism, with all the culture war, moralist, pre-mil-dispy accessories. I became a fan of CCM (which in the 90s was pretty cool, but today is a steaming pile of ...), and was fortunately introduced to the Cornerstone Festival, which may lie at the beginning of my understanding that there's a whole lot more to Christianity than the evangelical wasteland. I'm a network administrator (computer geek) by trade. That makes me a Slashdot reader from way back. It was there that I noticed a tag line at the end of someone's post (probably PWinn or Kurt, but I honestly don't know) that lead me to this site called the BHT. After getting used to the layout and the stream of converstaion, I was hooked. It also confirmed my suspicions that not all was well in the evangelical world. It was about this time that I was getting into the emerging church conversation, and serving the one thing our church did along those lines. Tapping into the iMonk site, and getting into Robert Webber has since broadened my Christian experience to the point that I accept that my theological home lies somewhere between an evangelicalism that hasn't gone off the rails and the Anglicans. In other words, I'm a theological mutt, and I have no one spiritual home, save that of Christ himself. Other than that, I'm a seminary student (Baptist, if you must know: Bethel Seminary in Saint Paul, MN) aspiring to pastoral service, a musician (guitar and sax, mostly rock/blues, but I'll try almost anything once), a martial artist (taekwondo plus a few other goodies). More importantly, I'm a husband to the coolest chick on the planet who I don't deserve, and the dad to two amazing little girls we adopted in the late fall of 2009. Most importantly, I belong to Jesus Christ, and I want nothing for this life but to love him, and in him to love others.

Of all the odd news to read, Thomas Merton’s personal belongings have been held for 50-ish years by a former nun.

Jaredd, you can add to your list the vacillation between grudging respect and indignant eye-rolling at the statements of: Ligon Duncan Albert Mohler John Piper Mark Dever John Macarthur Franklin Graham DA Carson Wayne Grudem etc.

It originates with atheist, Marxist intellectuals in universities. Whatever your view on various issues (women in ministry, lgbt issues, liturgical dance, clown communion, whatever), as culture goes, this is true. Among the college educated, what is taught as the enlightened progressive attitude is defined by sociologists and antropologists whose ideas and classifications are rooted in […]

A little Facebook musing from earlier this morning: For all its variety and loan words, English often fails. Fundamentalism a a great example. On one hand, it is used to describe a way of approaching religion based on simple, literal interpretations of its sacred writing. With that comes an inability to reconcile that way of […]

Just a thought/observation:   I make no claim to be a prophet, but looking at current trends, among Evangelicals I have a hunch there’s a significant split coming. (This is not considering any other traditions out there.) On one hand, there will be a group that move to an increasing conservative stance, who will become […]

I’ve been thinking for a while about why we only rarely post, and why other sites are in similar malaise. Then I read another in a long line of articles blasting away at Google+. One of the things it talked about what I consider Google’s dumbest move of all time, killing Reader. Reader was the […]

If I recall correctly, Triablogue was one of the blogs with which we used to spar back in the day. But today is not the day for that. I just learned that his wife passed suddenly. If you’re of a praying mind, remember his family today.

John, I saw that comic making the rounds, too. Part of me wants to say “right on” to it. Another part of me questions whether or not some of the “meh” people are still Christian, but tired of the effects of moralism and Fundamentalism that grow like mold in the evangelical sphere. I haven’t made […]

I wonder if for some evangelicals, not declining as fast as those “backslidden mainliners” equates to growth. What reporting on the stats doesn’t often tell us, and what I’ve heard from a few missions-oriented types, is that the only growth in the Church in North America is happening among immigrant and minority populations. I have […]

Chaplain Mike put up a good conversation starter on the church and our place in it today, especially for those who are wandering. It’s odd to be in a place where I’m serving out of a sense of calling/giftedness/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, but where I choose to keep the institutionalization of it as far from me as possible. […]