"Seek out the society of your boon companions, drink, play, talk bawdy, and amuse yourself. One must sometimes commit a sin out of hate and contempt for the Devil, so as not to give him the chance to make one scrupulous over mere nothings…" –Luther

Jeremiah Lawson

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I suppose at least a couple of folks at the BHT know that when I express doubts about hashtag activism it’s not because I don’t think the internet can be used to bring attention to things.

when the right hand hashtagged what the left hand was doing …

it might seem a bit weird for some to do hashtags and twitter activism because in addition to not necessarily doing a ton (depending on the setting) it could be construed as doing a good thing so as to be noticed by others. Or at least, Randy, that’s my suggestion/guess as to what can seem […]

re the Pressfield fundamentalism quote … reminds me not just of religious fundamentalists but of the New Atheists. It might just be how I perceived things but it seemed that New Atheism cropped up in partial reaction to what some feared as an actually politically potent Religious Right. But as for the “freedom” stuff, …. […]

re cults of personality

yep, that’s what has taken hold in a lot of places.  When evangelicalism is so big tent it doesn’t necessarily imply anything about confessional identity the personalities will dominate. But even though I don’t much dig John Piper he is at least Baptist so in theory there’s an ecclesiological tradition that can allow for something […]

i lurk here a lot but obviously hardly ever contribute. I’ve been busy enough in other settings that actually posting here is rare. Plus it’s not always certain that after drafting a comment it’s a sure thing it’ll post.  Some of the regulars may have some idea why I’ve hardly participated in the last couple […]

The Wind Rises, don’t bring the kids

not unless they’ve shown themselves able to handle Grave of the Fireflies, anyway.

point noted, Jason. :)

though my reservations about the essential uselessness of twitter as a platform through which to provide a substantial critique of any position on any subject does not change.  :) Without a person and a historical and cultural context in which a tweet might be made a tweet is just a tweet and I have a […]

i.e. nobody who would actually TWEET a sentiment like that has truly repudiated the allegedly perceived problem in conventional sermons that is supposedly being repudiated.    If it were the culmination of 20,000 words in some blogging format explaining how and why the contemporary sermon as some guy bloviating on various things besides the biblical text […]

I distrust the hubris of anyone who would tweet such a silly idea more than I distrust the custom of the sermon. I’ve seen people who at one point promoted a more “Midrash” approach to things go so far the other way that the people committed to the traditional sermon as something that can be […]

not sure I’ll watch the Simpsons episode but I definitely plan to watch The Wind Rises. I still watch South Park now and again. The episode “The Hobbit” was a fun episode and it’s nice to see they’ve finally decided to make fun of Game of Thrones.