"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Jeremiah Lawson

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it’s starting to seem like people only talk about peer pressure being bad when the pressure to conform is for something that’s considered bad. Otherwise, in the era of microaggressions and checking privilege public shaming is actually the first resort. Depending on which former pastors we’re talking about, some conservative Protestant types have declared that […]

Chris, about the writing thing, overjustification effect, perhaps? :) I’m pretty busy … just, uh, not writing here, obviously.

Well, nothing can be done to prevent people killing themselves and each other without restricting the kinds of liberties Americans will generally refuse to give up and, frankly, do have constitutional protections for (at least on paper). I’m not sure anything can be done. We can try to suggest to people to not think of […]

I’m far more likely to risk death or injury from an inattentive or unlucky driver than someone with a gun. Gun deaths stand out more because the whole point of a gun is the capacity for lethal force but I’m probably three times more likely to get killed by somebody who wasn’t paying attention running […]

Bill, whether it’s gun safety or vaccinations for kids or financial investment I have lately had this feeling the common denominator is a lot of people presume they will be the exceptions to statistical patterns. There are a lot of us who are tempted to say “I wouldn’t be/do/fall for/exemplify X.” We all have a […]

I know I mostly lurk here and I have hardly posted.  2015’s starting off as a low output year for on-line-ish stuff, which is how I like things for the moment.  I certainly did enough stuff over the last four years in … other contexts that I feel like a little break here and there […]

Wondering if Jesse and Pirate are even half as pessimistic as I’ve been over the last fifteen years. Agreed Christendom’s not returning but it’s strange to think of how, a decade ago, some high profile Christians were talking about how the end of Christendom was great because it meant an end to mere civic religion […]

Moby Dick became a classic in the early 20th century but in its time it was considered a weird, crazy fluke from Melville. In a way … Moby Dick is a classic because amidst all the Transcendentalist writing from the 19th century Melville’s work came to be recognized as anti-transcendentalist. People suck, they don’t necessarily […]

Catholics that Protestants read

don’t all Reformed types already read Chesterton? :) Jesse, my hunch is that most Protestants don’t think about the Orthodox at all by and large and those that do consider them distinct from Catholicism since the schism … or maybe I’m just speaking for myself.

Roy Baumeister once wrote that shame was one of the under-appreciated emotions in the 20th century

There’s such a thing as a lot of bad kinds of shame but in his book on violence and aggression Baumeister wrote that shame had probably the most important pre-emptive role in curbing human violence and aggression. Take away fear and shame and you may think you’re doing humanity a favor but you’re taking away […]