"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

John H

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According to TMH, I’m one of six Lutherans living in Britain. Well, there are a few more of us than that, but I admit we are fairly thin on the ground over here. I’ve been a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England since 2004, having previously been an Anglican evangelical. I live on the south-eastern fringes of London, with my wife and our three sons, and work as a technology lawyer.


Jason: I wonder if for some evangelicals, not declining as fast as those “backslidden mainliners” equates to growth. See also the kind of thinking going on in this cartoon that was doing the rounds on Facebook recently. (Confession/disclaimer: I find Adam4d comics insufferably pious; to the extent where I’ve posted on this thread largely as […]

Jason: I’ve been on a bit of a mini-splurge since Christmas. As well as the Earthsea Quartet, I’ve bought Rowan Williams’ Being Christian and Catherine Fox’s Acts and Omissions on Kindle, Regin Prenter’s Creator Spiritus (which UK Amazon had heavily reduced, presumably knowing what a rush they’d have for books on Lutheran pneumatology in the […]

Justin: while we’re making appalling confessions, I’m a little hazy as to who Madeleine L’Engle even is. I’ve never read any Ursula Le Guin, but am on the way towards rectifying that: bought a copy of the Earthsea Quartet yesterday. I just need to finish plugging another gap – Moby Dick – before starting on it. […]

Erstwhile Tavern-theologian-not-in-residence, Alastair Roberts, wrote a good post on the topic of sermons-as-monologues the other day: Hear Me Out: On Sitting Through Sermons. Key quote: While preaching is often placed in contrast to the rituals and actions of the liturgy, it is a liturgical act too, and the things that the various participants in the liturgical event of preaching […]

Jaredd: have you read Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book Life Together? That’s been blowing my mind recently.

Justin: A hypothetical question: Why would you let your thoughts about this man torture you? […] That is unless you actually like being offended. Amen to that. Reminds me of when Margaret Thatcher died, and the British Twittersphere was immediately filled with two responses: People who had hated Margaret Thatcher (often people who had been […]

Who else is planning to catch the new Trek? Saw it last Friday. Is good fun. Could do without the utterly pointless underwear shot of Alice Eve (who is easy enough on the eye already without the director having to resort to such tedious high jinks), the deliberate nods to the Canon got a little […]

“Church confidentiality agreements”? Lord, have mercy.

“Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord”

Chris: that’s great. Reminds me of this passage from Alexander Schmemann’s book For the Life of the World, which I was reading only this morning: And yet, from its very beginning Christianity has been the proclamation of joy, of the only possible joy on earth. It rendered impossible all joy we usually think of as […]