"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Jesse B

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I work at Microsoft, I’m married, I have two kids. I have a degree in Linguistics, but somehow I wound up a programmer. That’s okay, because I love my job. I recently became an Orthodox catachumen.

Have I mentioned that I moved back to Romania? Anyway, I moved back to Romania. I also agree with everything Fearsome Pirate says, though I don’t have much time to elaborate on it. The major cultural difference between Evangelicals and Fundamentalists is simply that Evangelicals wanted to be within the culture, while Fundamentalists thought they […]

There may be no faker set of people than the folks who say they value authenticity and community. OMG yes, this.

Pirate is right. Christdom is dead; nothing we can do will bring it back. I find it interesting that Pirate and I, two of the youngest members of the bar, are the ones who most vehemently give this counsel of despair. I suspect that it’s because those who are older still live surrounded by peers […]

So we’re talking about reading fantasy authors? Perhaps this would be a good time to mention that I have a book out. I, too, didn’t read L’Engle until I was an adult, because as a child it was one of the prime examples of an Evil Occult Book that would turn you into a satanist. […]

Fr. Alexander Schmemann, especially For the Life of the World. (“Catholic” includes “Orthodox”, right?)

Wait, wait. Who said that we should be shaming women for their shape? We should be shaming them for their dress, which is something entirely under their control.

Why is the dichotomy false? Please show your work. I’m not trying to be snarky here. I actually want to know how you think this is supposed to work. How can we help the guys out without making (some of) the girls feel guilty? Or do we prioritize female self-esteem and tell the males to […]

Which is more important: protecting women from shame or men from lust? Is it better for a woman to be plagued by anxiety and guilt for her dress, or for a man to be plagued by anxiety and guilt for his thoughts?

I’m astounded though, by how quickly those who believe in hope and the redemption of all things become insistent that the only reasonable answer on this question is one based on the premise that we’re all basically animals ruled by base instincts who should therefore be governed accordingly. We believe in the redemption of all […]

Newness should give us a reason for skepticism, but skepticism isn’t the same thing as outright rejection. It’s possible for innovations to be found healthy and good, and possible for old things to be judged corrupt. The length of the tradition supporting a particular practice or idea is, indeed, a strong argument in its favor, […]