"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian


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I’ve always thought that “Let it Go” was a pretty confused self-empowerment anthem. She sings about finding new freedom, but builds a little world where she can’t hurt anyone and no one can hurt her, says the cold doesn’t bother her, and slams to door to everyone else. Depression, anyone? But hey, a Christian version […]

It looks like The Leadership Cult Mark Galli wrote about 6 years ago is still going strong. I admit I’m still cynical about this, but unless the leadership/authority stuff leads to a deep desire for humility and discipleship in Christ we’re in for more of the same. Dr****ll will be just the start.

I will never understand PR-speak. When it comes from Christians and churches I get even more confused. It’s a little odd to hear someone that’s “excited” to dissolve a ministry and potentially close down churches in the wake of a scandal and resignation. It’s also a little weird to have the reminder to donate to […]

Does Tolkien count? I would also hope Flannery O’Connor gets read at some point by Protestants. And yes, if you’re Protestant and unless you have direct contacts with Orthodox believers or writers in the US/Canada, it’s safe to assume you are unaware there’s a difference. Even after being told the differences, I’m assuming a few […]

The biggest issue I saw with hashtag activism isn’t that people got to be involved in a half-arsed way. We’ve had ribbons and talk radio and bumper stickers for decades. Rather, it seemed like too many people didn’t want the post down, they wanted scalps — which seems to be the case far too often. […]

There are a few I think of, but even then they have their logistical reasons why they wouldn’t be as influential: Chuck Swindoll, but he’s getting up there as well (and unlike Graham is mostly a radio person, so no one knows what he looks like). There’s Ravi Zacharias, but he’s more on the apologetic […]

I’ve had a busy last few days, but I still wanted to look at this quote. We’ve gone after the modern “celebrity pastor” for awhile, and for good reasons. However, it’s been that way ever since the resurgence of evangelicalism in the 20th century, we just all agree that we love Billy Graham. It’s said […]

Confession: I kind of like the Getty songs. Then again, what Chris says is right, I guess I’ve only heard about 3 or 4 of them. However, those songs were actually good: one of the pet peeves of modern worship is how much of it just doesn’t seem to say much (“How He Loves” really […]

My worship music can beat up your worship music

This is something that Michael brought up often, but the worship music industry is weird. Every album can’t just be a collection of songs that draw the listeners and performers to worship, reflecting on God. It has to be “The Most Powerful and Prophetic Worship Albums of the Decade” where a song “actually releases a […]

Calls to end the “Culture War” pretty much mean “I’ll stop throwing rocks a few minutes after you stop.”