"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian


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Wait, you mean that the incredibly condescending “I’m a Christian, but” thing going around just makes people look insecure and defensive? To quote one of those anti-seeker-sensitive types: It’s just a bunch of Christians — who carefully avoid mentioning Jesus and the Bible — trying to sound cool without saying anything that might get them […]

Yup. Its spiritual equivalent is one who assumes their Donald Miller collection and David Bazan albums puts them on the edge of Christianity. As for the latest melodrama on the Twitters, I stopped taking most of the defendants seriously long ago, but it’s still a little interesting to watch the roles reversed. You live by […]


[curmudgeon] I noticed the subversive thing to do on Facebook/Twitter amongst anyone to the left of James Dobson is to call yourself a heretic in your description. From conservative egalitarians to mainline women pastors, It seems to be a trend. To me it comes off like suburban kids at the end of the cul-de-sac with […]

Trigger Warning: Humor

Honest Book Covers, Evangelical Edition — check out the only comment.

Jesse, I would have preferred that cover. I was presented the book as an option for reading in middle school. I was the only boy to initially read it, mostly because the cover looked like a My Little Pony/Rainbow Brite fanfic mashup. I’ve reread it every few years ever since — check out the graphic-novel […]

Confession: I have never read…

After the stunning revelation that one of our own (a Miyazaki/Tolkien/Lewis geek who could probably quote me under the table) has never read Madeline L’Engle, I started wondering what I’ve been missing out on. Maybe we can admit to a few gaps and find some gems we’ve missed. To start: I have never read Father […]

I’ve always thought that “Let it Go” was a pretty confused self-empowerment anthem. She sings about finding new freedom, but builds a little world where she can’t hurt anyone and no one can hurt her, says the cold doesn’t bother her, and slams to door to everyone else. Depression, anyone? But hey, a Christian version […]

It looks like The Leadership Cult Mark Galli wrote about 6 years ago is still going strong. I admit I’m still cynical about this, but unless the leadership/authority stuff leads to a deep desire for humility and discipleship in Christ we’re in for more of the same. Dr****ll will be just the start.

I will never understand PR-speak. When it comes from Christians and churches I get even more confused. It’s a little odd to hear someone that’s “excited” to dissolve a ministry and potentially close down churches in the wake of a scandal and resignation. It’s also a little weird to have the reminder to donate to […]

Does Tolkien count? I would also hope Flannery O’Connor gets read at some point by Protestants. And yes, if you’re Protestant and unless you have direct contacts with Orthodox believers or writers in the US/Canada, it’s safe to assume you are unaware there’s a difference. Even after being told the differences, I’m assuming a few […]