"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

For decades now, Southern Baptist have been wandering away from the centrality of the Good News of the LORD Jesus Christ. We focus on social and moral issues especially from the pulpit. We are exhorted in the scriptures to proclaim the Gospel. The social and moral issues will resolve as the nations are converted to […]


Bill, I was very careful to use the word “close”. I did not say we are a cult. Some of the language that I hear when I am around other Southern Baptist reminds me of some things that cults say. Our general stance on tithing, strict church covenants, don’t touch the Lord’s anointed (say nothing […]

Planned Parenthood is modern day Molech (Moloch). Southern Baptists are close to becoming a cult. Hillary is extremely popular among southern white democrats. Trump is a blow hard, but he is currently speaking truth to TPTB. Jesus is LORD.

Ever watch the tv show, “Hoarders”? Some examples include, “the trauma of dealing with Joanne’s hoarding was so bad for her daughter that she has developed post-traumatic stress disorder. After two divorces and experiencing the horror of assault, Kristy began shopping to escape her pain, but her hoarding drove her daughter out of the house […]

The church belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. Its ministers belong to Him. All things pertaining to following Jesus, from greatest to least, is to be built upon the truth that Jesus Christ is LORD over His church, as well as the entire world. It is by His Holy Spirit that He calls, equips, guides, […]

Bill – there is no safety on a revolver. My Ruger has the transfer safety bar, which means I can keep all six chambers loaded. If I accidently drop the weapon, the transfer safety bar keeps the hammer and firing pin from striking the cartridge. I have an older 38 special that does not have […]


Bill: I only carry while on my own property (approx. 60 acres) because of wild hogs and wild dogs. My 357 magnum revolver is a Ruger GP100, which has the transfer SAFETY bar. So yes, I carry it fully loaded. The weapon, not me. LOL. FTR, remember, I live in rural (cue banjo music) Arkansas. […]

Bill – you asked “When you are carrying a pistol, is it really necessary to have it loaded, chambered, and with the safety off?” My answer – not sure, ’cause I carry a 357 magnum revolver. There is no safety, just the trigger and my finger.

In the late 1990’s / early 2000’s our Men’s group was studying the Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper book. During the discussion about sexual purity/lust, all the men in the group admitted to an ongoing struggle against lust. Even our oldest class member, in his late 70’s admitted to still struggling with lustful thoughts. […]

Has it really been four years since Michael’s passing?