"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

L’Engle talk

Just thought I’d mention that L’Engle was a member of the church my family attended in New York, and that, not only did I meet her on several occasions, but I got to take part in a writing workshop that she hosted in her apartment. Sadly, I took it for granted at the time, miserable […]

Random Discovery

So…my son’s Cub Scout Pack is sponsored by a large-ish Catholic church…whatever you wanna say about Catholics, they seem to do a better job supporting community youth organizations than their Protestant brethren, but I digress… Anyhow, an emailing went out that the church is planning on holding a healing mass and is looking for men […]

Andy writes: I find the hooded jedi alb makes me look most like what I think a new testament figure would look like. Plus, when I wear it I don’t have to wear pants. So now of course we’re all wondering which of you liturgical-type preachers decide to ‘go commando’ under those things. If you […]

FWIW, there’s a lot folks with Reformed soteriology and non-cessationist leanings. Sovereign Grace Ministries, for example, is considered charismatic. (Heck, MacArthur even had Mahaney preach in his church before — irony, huh?) And folks like Johnny Pipes and Driscoll don’t toe the cessationist line either.

Late to the Modesty Discussion…

I don’t have a lot of my own words to say, but I’d like to commend a recent post by Alastair Roberts (our unofficial BHT theologian, don’cha know?) on the topic. I really appreciate what he has to say and the clarity (and charity) with which he lays it out. It is long-ish (as his […]

Jake: I was afraid that I was going to have to actually stop being lazy and distill my thoughts into a post, but I think you’ve said pretty much what I wanted to say. Thanks.

NYE Bubbly

I’ve checked out a copy of “Looper” which I intend to watch as soon as my dear wife comes downstairs from putting baby to sleep. (It’s not misogynist…the kid won’t sleep for anybody else). I may switch over to watch the dang ball drop at midnight. I may not. Regardless, I’mma enjoy a glass of […]

John H wrote: Or you could take a Calvinist approach to new year’s resolutions… I think somebody is confusing Calvinist and Wesleyan theology… ;D

Andy pretty much says what I would have said in response to the points John H. raised. Only, better than I would have. *Drink raised.*


So, let’s assume that there are a subset of features on a gun that make it more practical for eliminating human life as opposed to hunting. Playing devil’s advocate (as a man who has never held or fired a loaded weapon), is there no case where it might make sense to have a gun designed […]