"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Just to clarify: we knew he had to have surgery, but it has turned out to be a much bigger problem than we had feared. He has a defective heart valve he should have had taken care of years ago (and man did we try to get him to — even enlisting my daughter to […]

I could use a few prayers, brothers and sisters. We just found out my wife’s father has to have open-heart surgery this weekend, so we’re going to drive up there tonight or tomorrow to see him before he goes under the knife. Then Saturday I will drive 5 hours from there to iMonk’s memorial service, […]

I regret never thanking Michael for not booting me from the rolls here, even though I pretty much disappeared. I would log in occasionally just to see if he had finally purged me, only to find my account still active. He never even harrassed me about not posting (maybe because we had discussed my spiritual […]

I haven’t been in here in ages, and I apologize. I’ve had trouble talking about Michael’s death all day. I am angry and depressed. I counted him among my closest friends, and I was priveleged to have him as my pastor for almost five years in addition. I can make no sense — NONE — […]

Congratulations, BHT, for blowing the lid on this case: a politician said things he thought people wanted to hear in order to get elected! Exclusive!

Strawfoot: A pretty simple contract will work, stating that they grant you the right to use the interview in any accurate way you see fit, and that they relinquish all control of said interview. They retain the right to their story, thoughts, etc. All you gain the rights to is the interview itself. It sometimes […]

In the line in front of me at Speedway yesterday: Male Customer: “You should buy something else. My buddy’s car locked up on the interstate last year. Two days earlier he had bought something at Speedway for $6.66!” Female Customer: “Give me another pack of cigarettes.” Wow. What ARE they teaching in schools these days?

I would like to beg for your prayers. One of my students died in a car crash early this morning. 22 years old. Her father works with me, and he lost his wife a few years ago. Pray for the family first and foremost, but pray for me too if you think of it. I’m […]

TMH: DeAnna and I both have the feelers out; she’s working her contacts, I’m working mine. So far, nothing, but we’ll keep looking. Meanwhile we’ll have them over for dinner. One less meal to buy, and DeAnna’s a dang good cook, so there’s the encouragement part.

Betty truly is a sweet woman. I pray for peace for her and her family.