"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Mack Ramer

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Mack is the bar's token Roman Catholic. He lives with his wife in the Chicago area.


Friends, it’s with a heavy heart that I resign tonight from the BHT. It’s just time for me to leave. I’ve told myself I’m going to quit about five times now – but the best way to commit to something is to do it publicly (and to let someone else enforce it!) – so bartenders, […]

Bob, Almost like trying to find salt in the Ocean, it is saline saturated, as the Bible is through and through about substitutionary atonement. Perhaps many Westerners see it that way only because of the tremendous influence of St. Anselm on our theology. As Congdon points out… the Greek church has always been dominated by […]

A good response from Congdon’s part II John linked… Galli’s question—“If universal salvation is true, why does Jesus not showcase it?”—is thus a bit silly. We could turn this around quite easily. For example, if the doctrine of the Trinity is true, why does Jesus not showcase it? Or, if the doctrine of substitutionary atonement […]

FT, I have no problem with “wideness of God’s mercy” type of thinking. Why not? He told us that “those who find [life] are few.” Jesus specifically uses the word narrow there. If we’ve got to take Jesus at his word all the time, and if we can’t allow any room for hyperbole (or merely […]

I weigh in leaning toward the universalist side, and the first argument I get is from one of the universalists. What can I say, I’m relentless in the defense of rigorous orthodox universalist dogma… (sw)

Travis… “God could and would be very right to send people to hell for all eternity, because we all deserve it, but in the final end he’s not going to” is also a viable option. I dunno how anyone can deserve anything for all eternity, whether good or bad. I think we can all agree […]

FT, So what exactly did Jesus do? I like the answer to this question given in the Richard Beck post John linked earlier… Jesus’ final words to humanity on the cross were not “God damn you!” No, his final worlds were “Father forgive them.” After ripping into the Jewish authorities for the entire Passover week […]

John, …while I remain “cautiously optimistic” rather than dogmatically universalist… What was that you were saying about David Cameron’s remarks recently… something like “Hear that, it’s dogmatic… boo, hiss…” :)

Is Hell just the eternal absence of God that he lets us freely choose, or is it torment as punishment for our not believing in Jesus? These both seem to be considered orthodox positions for some reason but I see them as contradictory…

Yappin’ about yappin’

If we want to talk about ridiculous quotes in the USA Today piece we could also talk about this: Justin Taylor of the Gospel Coalition, a network of traditionalist scholars and pastors, says Bell’s views are “dangerous and contrary to the word of God. … If Bell doesn’t believe in eternal punishment, then he doesn’t […]