"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Mark N

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I'm a student, father, and husband. I live in the second poorest, large city in America after Detroit - Buffalo, NY. I grew up in a southern Pentecostal church outside of Houston Texas, but I've left my charismatic roots. I'm a Navy Veteran who has spent multiple tours in the Middle East. I now work as a controls engineer for a major specialty and bulk gas manufacturer. I love art and design more than engineering, and that is why I'm back at University. Favorite author in childhood - Lloyd Alexander Favorite author today - Wendell Berry Favorite quote - A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem. Favorite play - Henry the V Favorite band - Decembrists Favorite book of all time - Jayber Crow Favorite Gun - Browning Synergy, 12 Gauge Over/Under

Nepotism and church…

I was having a discussion the other day with some folks about church leadership and succession. The topic involved a particular charasmatic evangelical church where the curent pastor of around 20 years, has tapped his oldest son to succedd him as head pastor. In the past 10 years, 4 assistant pastors have been through that […]

…and another thing

Chris, et al… I think most of my bafflement has been Steve’s desire to play, if you will, by their tactics rather than take a higher ground. You and me both. I tried to engage the SCCL crowd a couple of times and defend the character, if not the theological position, of Steve and Jared, […]

Bibles everywhere…

When I go to church with my wife, everyone is expected to have a bible during the sermon and at Sunday school. I don’t bring one with me and I’ve never been there without someone noticing and offering me one so that I can ‘follow along’. I’m not sure what the fetish is, or why […]

….that’s what He said – PLUS SCI FI!

Matthew, Thanks for linking that. IT described what I thought the pope was trying to say, which is “we know and appreciate good from God’s natural law”. At least, that’s my take away from it. Speaking of Natural law, I’m about 1/3rd of the way through the list of joint Hugo/Nebula winners, and I’m on […]

Time for a dust-up

Oh no he didn’t… I can’t tell whether or not he’s appealing to some sort of natural law that compels us all to judge ‘doing good’ as good, or if he’s saying that all people who do good are showing the results of Christ’s work of atonement whether they acknowledge it or not. Can someone […]

Unless Mr. Obama didn’t believe much of what his pastor taught for thirty years, Driscoll isn’t out of line. No, he may be correct, but even if he is, he’s still out of line. Just because something may be true, doesn’t make it right to say it publicly. In this case, Mark is speculating on […]

Here’s a tweet from your favorite super-pastor: “Praying for our president, who today will place his hand on a Bible he does not believe to take an oath to a God he likely does not know.” Awesome. What’s the motivation for tweeting something like this? I understand his logic: Praying for our president, who today […]

but John…

This is why we need some women in this conversation, so we can tell them to their face (as it were) that throwing a woman into unemployment because it’s the first step in your repentance for your lack of sexual continence is a godly, just and reasonable course of action. (jn) We’ve had women at […]

on the edge of the dark sea of darkness…

“What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the wholly-symbolic-‘remembrance’-juice of Jeeeeesus” ;)

Apple Cider

As well as brewing beer I’ve tried my hand at other beverages, mostly for the kids. For New Year’s Eve I thought I’d whip up some sparkling apple cider as an alternative to champagne. – 2.5 gallons of apple cider – 2 cinnamon sticks – 10 whole cloves I put the spices in a nylon […]