"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian


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I really have no idea what post or tweet or whatever it was set this up, but this is the BHT so why should I let that stop me. Agree with Jared’s first point. Everything else has seemed a bit too cranky for my tastes, but the proof is in the pudding: you can bet […]

Looks like it made the server crash. I’m going to pray for him and his family instead of piling on.

To reference Bill’s question and answers from last week, let me admit that I’ve got influences and biases when it comes to this conversation. I will also say that I came to reject dispensationalism before I ever took a Bible or theology class in seminary because of what I felt was a disconnect between that […]

Well, we’ve figured out why I didn’t catch the harshness. I think dispensationalism is a completely ridiculous way to read and interpret Scripture. If I’m left behind, I’ll repent. Promise.

Which part was harsh? All I heard him say was that DTS was founded with a dispensational bent and that has continued to this day (true). DTS is a great school save for the dispensationalism which is one reason I never considered going there.

Ben Witherington takes to video (via Seedbed) to talk about rapture “theology”. I haven’t watched it yet, but I had him for exegesis of Revelation and am pretty sure I know what he’s going to say. #highhorse (For you, Andy).

You know, that’s been the most common response by people I know since it went up this morning. The guy in charge of Seedbed has called me Matt for nearly 15 years, no matter how many times I say my own name. He introduced me to the fellow in charge of the web content that […]

I’m a very enthusiastic supporter of Seedbed, a fairly new (2-3 years old, I think) resource for people in the Wesleyan family so I’m extremely pumped that they published a short piece I wrote on Scripture memorization.

All I know about Molinism is what I just read on wikipedia and having no philosophical background, it sounds a lot like what Tom Oden wrote in vol. 1 of his systematic theology (that I read 15 years ago so don’t hold me to this), that God knows every conceivable universe based on everyone of […]

Sorry, Bill. I thought I’d get a playful response from, well, anyone. I don’t see how anyone could say that our wills aren’t affected by a host of influences, especially original sin, which is why I don’t think there’s anything coming close to a pure libertarian free will. It’s like absolute zero: it’s theoretical but […]