"Seek out the society of your boon companions, drink, play, talk bawdy, and amuse yourself. One must sometimes commit a sin out of hate and contempt for the Devil, so as not to give him the chance to make one scrupulous over mere nothings…" –Luther


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I’ll get off the Methodist horse at some point, but this guy wrote a pretty good post on What is a Methodist? based on notes taken at a conference he and I attended a couple of weeks ago.

And by the way

I’m probably going to post my random crap here instead of my blog so as not to gunk it up. So, play along if you feel like it. If not, I don’t give a crap. I’m doing it for me.

I gotta tell you, if you’re interested in hearing a Lutheran explain Methodism badly (and I mean badly), you can’t do better than this Issues Etc. podcast from August. For further clarification, listen to the part on original sin and then read from our doctrinal standards: Article VII— Of Original or Birth Sin (from the Articles of […]

I’m not writing about you, Chris, or for Jared, but I have a general problem with hashtag activism in that I don’t know what it actually accomplishes. Are things in life really going to change because some people with smart phones and laptops raised a stink on Twitter (and for the record, it was completely […]

I don’t know what you want to call it, but I’m pretty sure that ecstatic responses to spiritual acts have been going on longer than the Pentecostal movement has been around. There’s evidences of people “falling out” in Methodist services during the 18th century. Wesley wrote about an instance or two in his journals. You […]

Scot McKnight reviews a book on Dallas Willard’s theology. He probably wouldn’t have said it (or agreed even) but Dallas Willard probably broadcast a Wesleyan view of salvation and sanctification better than anyone else. So I’ll say it for him. I’ll take the bait, Jared ;-) No disagreement with your response to #1. #2, yes, […]

I’m very disappointed that we don’t seem to have Michael’s Eternal Optimist account or picture any more. Dangit, that made more sense before an edit. :shakingfist I concur with FP’s assessment. Coalescing around cults of personality? Yeah. That’s pretty much spot on.

I know it’s too much to ask angered bloggers to pretend to write like real journalists, so I’m curious if any one has read a piece on WorldVision’s loss of 10K sponsorships that includes data from Compassion or other organizations and whether or not their sponsor numbers went up during the same time of the […]


I have no idea what you’re talking about, Bill. How is Dynasty geek related?