"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian


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Aka, Michael Spencer, aka the Internet Monk, aka the author of Mere Churchianity: Finding Your Way Back To Jesus Shaped Spirituality (Waterbrook, Fall 2010) aka the campus minister/Bible teacher at a large Christian high school in SE Ky, aka the husband of Denise and father of Noel and Clay, aka fan of the Reds, Shakespeare and Tony Rice.

Book Now At the Web Stie

Multnomah/Waterbrook has the book listed at their website. Pass it on. God bless all of you.

Small world. Mack Stiles was my best friend in high school and the best man at my wedding.

On “passing by:” Check OT references and theophanies. Interesting.

Abraham Piper is right. He’s reacting to this quote by Paul Washer: “God saved you from Himself; God saved you for Himself; God saved you by Himself.” -Paul Washer And when I said the same thing, how much ink was spilled to say I was wrong?

BHT Christmas

I need to put BHT Christimas entirely in the hands of our Santa, Richard. He can set all dates, post rules. Etc. If you want to be in BHT Christmas, you can start contacting Richard now. DON’T POST HERE. Contact him.

Note from TMH

I am likely going to be out of place at work, IM, here, church, etc for a while. Moderators: Please moderate as needed. I’m not going to be here. Pray for me. Never so sick. Can hardly walk. Dizzy. Sick of being sick. A gall bladder will be the vengence of God for what you […]

Time says “Good-bye to the Decade from Hell.” Douglas Wilson’s view of the Manhattan Declaration

Our prayers should all go to Matt Chandler, but if you have one left over, I am sicker right now than ever in recent memory, and it’s not a bug. Two days of multiple dry heaves in the morning. Dizziness. Extreme nausea around any scent of food. I barely ate anything yesterday. I have to […]

Why Alistair Begg didn’t sign the Manhattan Declaration. (On his last paragraph, I don’t think evangelicals couldn’t avoid the conclusion that many of them aren’t Christians either, so once you’ve decided that Nicene Confessionalism won’t do it, there is no reason to try.)

Good Steve Hays stylings, young Skywalker. The force is strong with you.