"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian


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I am now a forty-something attorney, but for 16 yrs I was the pastor of an evangelical church in a midwestern college town. I was early on the wave of the Reformed resurgence, but over the years I became more Lutheran on issues like law/gospel and cussing. I am married with six children ranging from age 20 to 4. I still moonlight as a preacher on weekends whenever I can.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. *drops mic*

Idk, my first thought on reading that letter was that the dissolution of the multi-site borg in favor of independent local churches was about the best possible end game. Back when I had a vision to take over the world for Christ, it was always to spin off church plants and not build a network. […]

So I’ve been pretty unhappy as a lawyer. I’ve been working for a great firm with good Christian people. But the work was very unsatisfying. I’m not cut out to be a generalist. I want to have a finite body of material of which I can acquire some expertise. I don’t like feeling stupid and […]

“Set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed”

So imagine you are sitting in a doctor’s waiting room. When he calls your name, he’s going to tell you whether or not you have cancer. Your mind is racing with questions. If I have it, will I do chemo? Radiation? How will I tell the kids? How curable is this kind of cancer these […]

Reading this book by Steven Paulson. I like it. Anybody in here familiar with him?

I just finished reading a book called “The History of the Lutheran Church in North America.” It’s not really that different from the history of any other church in North America. It should have been titled, “The history of America through eyes of Lutherans.” It’s all just damn America. You wouldn’t expect the Lutherans to […]

So, just never mind evangelism then? Or is that incorporated by reference into the spitting and hunkering down?

One of the reasons I went to law school is that I came to realize that I was more of an evangelist than a pastor. I wanted to be more in the world than I was able to be as the pastor of a church. So I come at this from the evangelist’s perspective. During […]

the culture war is over, and we lost. Fearsome doesn’t seem to have made his peace with this yet. Jesse has, but has decided isolationism is the appropriate response. I’m agreeing that we lost the culture war, but suggesting there might be a way to maintain our convictions short of isolationism.

I don’t think those are the only two options. Why do you have to retreat into a Christian subculture to be defiant and counter-cultural? Why can’t you partner in service to the poor with people who disagree with you without taking orders from the liberal hegemons? A friend of mine wrote something on facebook that […]