"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Phillip Winn

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Phillip is an autonomous collective of self-aware entities that exists sporadically as your dimension connects with their dimension via strings. Theoretically, at least. In Phillip's guise as a human, he was brought up in pentecostal excess and then "word of faith" excess, but has — with the help of this very pseudo-community — become an Anglican, complete with pipe-smoking and an appreciation for fine scotch. Oh yeah, and 38 or so of the 39 Articles.

50 Shades of Stupid

I’ll bite. In response to this line from Jared: “Or, instead of insisting they mean the opposite of what he says he meant by them, why not just call him a liar?” Okay, Doug Wilson is a liar, lying. He is probably lying to himself as much as anyone, but he’s lying. Words mean things […]

Bait and switch

The call of Christ is to weakness and vulnerability, so advertising butch sports and fast cars and then presenting the Gospel feels like the ultimate bait and switch. Of course, I’m presupposing that a church using sports and cars to attract men would actually present the Gospel as I understand it, which is almost certainly […]

Size Matters

My experiences with trying to give and receive feedback to and from pastors have created a prejudice in me. I remember being quite concerned about the entire focus of a sermon when I was attending a church with more than 5k in attendance. Fortunately, I was properly connected, so I asked my elder about it. […]

Fearsome: Plus all the ones for that post. Right now my pastor is preaching a series of messages from the Gospels, and talking a lot about relationships. Some of the application seems to be drawn from situations he knows about from talking with people in the church, but mostly it seems to be drawn from […]

Kicking “worship bands”

As in, I’d like to be kicking them. At this point in my life, I know rather more non-Christians than Christians, and spend more time talking to non-Christians about faith than I do Christians. What Bob says “most people like” seems ridiculous to me. It’s hard for me to even believe that most evangelical Christians […]

“It’s two years, and I’m honestly not done grieving.” This. Thank you, Fearsome. Michael was into baseball in a big way. I’m not, but a few years ago new minor league ballpark was built not far from me, and when I mentioned this, Michael was excited. So I went. Sure enough, still not into baseball. […]

Michael saved my marriage and possibly my life. Two years on, and I still can’t manage to think coherent thoughts about losing him. Fuck cancer.

Piper Sucks

I’m sorry. I know a lot of folks here are fans of Piper. When he’s good, he’s good, I hear you say. I just haven’t found him to be good. Ever. About anything. Of course, I’m speaking within context. I consider him a Christian brother. It’s not like I reject him as a person. I […]


Jeremiah: There was a Ghibli film festival in Dallas recently, but I found out about it too late to get into a screening of Arrietty, to my regret. The new print of Mononoke was pretty amazing, though. That to say: yes, I do plan to see the new Ghibli film. I’m going to try to […]

Fair point

Matthew: Haven’t moved, no. I just feel bad making my kids do things I won’t do myself. Guess I’m not a really man, because real men are bullies.