"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Randy McRoberts

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Randy McRoberts doesn't like labels. He is Arminian, Wesleyan, libertarian, postmodern, postevangelical, postconservative, postapocalyptic, preterist, realist, and a Libra. He likes to study the Bible and teach others to do the same. He likes to shoot guns, eat food, play golf, and read books. He loves his God, his family, and his church. He ought to be an elbow-patched professor of Greek New Testament at a small midwestern liberal arts college, but instead he is a chemist in the much-maligned pharmaceutical industry. He is just trying to keep us all alive, that's all. He is one of the few teetotalers to walk through the door of the Boarshead Tavern, but he is oft drunken from inhaling the fumes. He thinks being drunken in the Tavern is the best feeling in the world. Randy is probably the oldest fellow, and the least serious.

Anybody here?

It’s been over a month since anybody posted anything here. Who is footing the bill for hosting? Who is maintaining the site? Is it worth it at this point? I’m willing to post some of the stuff that I mostly consider tweetable if anyone else is willing to make an effort.

Loaded: yes. Why would I want to fumble with loading a gun in a moment of emergency? Chambered: no. It’s a concession, but I hope I have time to rack the slide if I ever need to. Safety: no. My usual carry guns don’t have them. Thus, see above. My wife’s revolver, however, is loaded, […]

Why might a law enforcement official need quicker access to a shot than I might? Bill, it’s obvious you don’t know what you are talking about when you ask that question about a revolver. Why don’t you stick to areas of expertise and leave the gun stuff to others?

On #Activism

I’ve been trying to understand why hashtag activism feels kind of wrong to me. I think it’s because it’s more like talking about someone than talking to someone. “Awareness” is thrown around a lot. But I’m pretty sure everyone is already aware of breast cancer. I didn’t learn about it by a pink ribbon. Pink […]

What do you guys think …

… about a BHT podcast? Who would be interested in an occasional Skype call?


Here is a take on the genesis of fundamentalism (of every type) from an unusual source, Steven Pressfield. Fundamentalism is the philosophy of the powerless, the conquered, the displaced and the dispossessed. Its spawning ground is the wreckage of political and military defeat, as Hebrew fundamentalism arose during the Babylonian captivity, as white Christian fundamentalism […]

What’s Going on Around Here?

I shut down my blog after 13 1/2 years. Now I have no place for any theological reflection but the old tavern. Is anyone interested in reviving it to something like the way it was when Michael was in here every day?

Wright Bibliography in Logos

Friends, I am blessed to have several of Wright’s books in Logos. I am always happy to receive a tweet or an email asking me to help find a passage. While you are saving up the cash to re-buy the books you want in Logos, feel free to ping me. I have all the big […]

Isn’t that a double dutch oven? That means you each pay for your own, I think. That sounds doubly deadly.

Do you mean to tell me that when I give ten percent of my gross pre-tax income to my local church that it isn’t helping the poor enough? Aren’t we looking out for the widows, those in prison, and the poor? If what I give isn’t helping the poor, what is it being used for?