"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian


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Given the choice, I’ll take Kincaide

Thanks for the link to that painting, Matthew. Just spent the last hour browsing on the website, shaking my head. Now I’d like that hour back, please.

One of the main problems in thinking about this John Piper kerfuffle is the tendency to treat everything as a zero-sum game. There’s gotta be a winner and there’s gotta be a loser. There’s got to be a bad guy and there has to be a good guy. There can’t be an in-between guy (or […]

No weapon…

And then, of course, there’s Ray Lewis’ egregious use of Isaiah 54:17 in every interview he’s given in the last three weeks!


To come in to this bar more often, posting at least twice a week beginning next week. Let’s hope this works better than most of my resolutions :-)

A Bidding Prayer

Using a pre-written prayer this time, the lovely Bidding Prayer used at the Lessons and Carols service at King’s College, Cambridge. Adapted a bit, of course. So let us pray together, as the prayer bids us. Happy Christmas to you all! Beloved in Christ, be it this Christmas Eve our care and delight to prepare […]

The BHT Advent Blog – Go to Bethlehem and See

The BHT’s Advent Blog, Go to Bethlehem and See, is now open for another season. All fellows and friends of the BHT are welcome to post items related to Advent and Christmas. Matthew and I have the keys. Email us and we’ll be glad to let you in. If you have the keys from last […]

Jaredd: We have the small independent stationary store you’re longing for. My daughter works there on her Summer breaks. We also have an independent record store and a terrific bookshop. The key is to live in a small and isolated community. But even though the nearest big box stores are 3 hours away in Calgary […]

How NOT to do it…

Bob: Here is how not to preach on homosexuality. As Burk says, anyone who would speak like this is not qualified to be a pastor. I completely agree with Aaron. I would advise a pastor not to preach on homosexuality as a distinct topic. The object of all our preaching should be Jesus. Then we […]

Quoth Bob: “some are struggling to try to struggle more if you know what I mean.” I totally know what you mean.

When the BCP is not the BCP

John: In America the changes were not a replacement of the BCP but a complete revision with the final result still being called the Book of Common Prayer. What is really an alternate prayer book (much like the Canadian Book of Alternate Services) is quite incorrectly called The Book of Common Prayer. This makes it […]