"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Two kingdoms

This link provides a quick snapshot of the popular understanding of two kingdoms theology, at least as I’ve encountered it in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. I’m still reading through it, but at least in the first three pages this essay that Jeremy linked to on Twitter provides a different perspective, also drawn from a […]

John H: I appreciated the Wright/Christmas article. My thoughts during this morning’s sermon were in the same vein, as the readings from Exodus and the Song of Simeon have undeniably political overtones. I’m interested in how you’ve reconciled (or perhaps are still working out) a perspective like Wright’s with the classic Lutheran two-kingdoms view. I […]


You guys absolutely have to read this: The pastor of our fastest-growing local megachurch writes candidly about rediscovering the Gospel. Knowing this church and many of its members personally, I am unable to put my feelings into words, but a lot of prayers are being answered.

We’ve been visiting some other LCMS congregations in the area, and thought we had found one that could be a good fit. Then, last Sunday, they kicked off their (previously unknown to me) Consecrated Stewards program. Details on the program are here and the brochure is here. Their website also hosts a few promotional videos […]

Mark N: Your story on the transition from homeschooling to public school is like reading a page straight out of my family history. I was homeschooled through my sophomore year of high school when I started university. My mother also taught my six (yep, six) younger siblings until about ten years ago.

I was encouraged by the way my pastor addressed the tornado this morning. Attending an LCMS church, and knowing his opinions on the ELCA, I expected something judgmental. Instead, after reading the Gospel lesson where Jesus blasts the Pharisees for adding “the teachings of men” to the Word of God, he confronted the internal Pharisee […]


I’m surprised no one here has mentioned it yet, but the decision to release the Lockerbie Bomber has floored me with its parabolic weight. Mockingbird linked to this address from Scotland’s Justice Secretary on the decision. It’s well worth watching. I don’t know if I’ve witnessed a more gripping demonstration of grace (or at least […]

Higher Things

TMH: I just read your iMonk interview with Pr. Cwirla on the Higher Things conferences. I’m glad you’re bringing such a great organization attention from a broader audience. I chaperoned a few youth from our church to Higher Things last year (would have attended this year as well, but had to travel for work), and […]

Webb first reactions

I’m only on the fourth track, but this is definitely Derek Webb’s most musically inventive album. The sound is still a derivation of American roots (especially Dylan), but the Caedmon’s acoustic-jangle-folk-pop is a distant memory. Will need a few more listens to digest the lyrical content…

Annie Dillard on the Bible

I’ve been reading An American Childhood, Annie Dillard’s memoir of growing up in Pittsburgh during the late 40s and 50s. I found a lot to relate to in her memories of her first childhood encounters with scripture: The Bible was an unlikely, movie-set world alongside our world. Light-shot and translucent in the pallid Sunday-school watercolors […]