"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

I don’t know how many of you still read IM; I suspect not many. Chaplain Mike still writes quality material, and I vastly appreciate his work and his ministry to my family and to others. He is still worth reading. However, this was linked, and I’m not going to say much. But perhaps someone can […]

Satanic, socialistic cartoons still exist. One is called Wonder Pets! and features a duck with a speech disorder that is caused by demon possession. They sing a song about team work, which through the powers of darkness will remain in your head for weeks. That show is opposite of all that is holy and American.

The BHT is the only religious blog I read and even that is quasi-religious. I don’t read IM anymore. Chaplain Mike is a wonderful person, truly, but it doesn’t seem important or relevant anymore. Theology blogs seem absurd. Perhaps, I’m still too bitter about the loss of Michael to care about bloggers anymore. I don’t […]

From the Lutheran material John H quoted: There is no scriptural or confessional reason to withhold the Sacrament from a child who is able to be instructed, examined, and absolved. Of course not. But I wonder why we can’t say the same thing for baptism? Without drawing debates we all know and love, the New […]

Unless you’re a Baptist, the Orthodox position on paedocommunion is the only one that makes sense.

Randy, the kid is 100% Paleo at this point in his life. :-)

I have heard the Moby thing several times now. I’ll take it, because I used to be compared to (fat) Drew Carey.

If anyone is serious about visiting Oneida, let me or Denise know. We have guest housing on campus if you’d like to stay–hospitality is a major part of who we are. However, there are “things to do” in Lexington. In Oneida we mostly fight chickens and steal Sudafed.

Jaredd, I’ve found that articles/material from people like Shane Claiborne are wonderful at getting kids to think about the consequences of what it means to be a Christian. In general, the teens we work with seem greatly impressed with “the authentic,” so I always try to frame conversations about the Gospel in a way that […]

One of my most favorite people, Wendell Berry, was involved in a protest here in KY today.