"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Snakes and Train Wrecks at Southern Baptist Schools

I am watching a train wreck in my home state. You might not believe this (those of you you still remember me) but, I was once a Baptist. I spent a my freshman year of college as a music education major at Louisiana College, which is owned by the Louisiana Baptist Convention–I think. The past […]

The pope is gone and a scene from a bar…

The best I know about the history and theology of Christian funeral practices. And, about the funeral industry. A perspective from a third generation mortician who is also an Irish poet. I had the great fortune to participate in a workshop with these two Thomases the spring before my husband died. Love you guys. I […]

JS, Prayers for Oana and the healing of her family.

You don’t have to call me darlin’ darlin’

But, at least one of you called me by my name. And, I’m glad to be remembered. A man graduates from dental school and becomes one. He’s married and his wife works with him. They can’t do the work without help so they hire some. They hired a woman in her early twenties who had […]

Yes, keep my Louisiana and Mississippi peeps in your prayers. I don’t have any words for the despair that I suspect will settle alongside those precious folks after the damage is surveyed. Yeah, the anniversary of Katrina. And, an anniversary for me. Exactly a year ago Bruce got sick and struggled to his death in […]

I jogged and ate kale today. On another note, can I just say here that I could not have imagined how difficult it was going to be to live alone?

With out a murmur? Hummm. How about the groaning? As in the groaning pains of the birth a new creation? It should indeed have ecclesiological implications. It speaks to the intransigence of the sinful heart– of humankind, who struggle for control in God’s church.

saying that the church had been getting this wrong for pretty much its entire history up to the twentieth century (which goes far beyond what even the Reformation said), Man oh, man. THAT would be awful.

I do not know how I got to be 53 years old before I discovered and fell in love with John Prine.