"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

The World is Coming to an End…!!!

Last year seemed to go by so quickly but, apparently, this year may be shorter. *shakes head* Well, if this is the case, then I don’t need to worry about looking for a new job. Problem solved. ;-) (posted for her by Bob since she is at work and has apparently had BHT viewing privileges blocked…)

Many, many thanks to Santa Jaredd who sent me a couple of CD’s (Josh Groban & Chopin).  They are very much appreciated and already overused. :-)

Congrats, Ryan ! !

Apparently, Westboro Baptist has a new target.

I tried it twice.  The first entry was an opinion piece I wrote almost 10 years ago, which resulted in Dan Brown (*twitch*).  The second entry was a narrative of a favorite memory from college, which resulted in James Joyce.

Any thoughts from the barstools about Michael’s book? Still digesting it ….

Mere Churchianity

Looks like Waterbrook is releasing the book a few months early. Keep those pre-orders comin’ ….

Uhhhhh …. One of the critics apparently needs some friends. Sooo many comments, not enough time.

The audio file for Bill Haynes’s message is here.

Here’s the eulogy that David Head delivered at the memorial service for Michael. If anyone is interested in the audio file, my husband posted it here.  He recorded it on his BB and finished removing the noise this morning.  There’s an echo but it’s far better than the original.  Once he gets the second file […]