"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Travis Prinzi

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Thanks for the heads up, Jaredd. I honestly had never heard the first thing about Phil Vischer before this past year’s Hutchmoot. I didn’t know he had a podcast, either. I can’t recall how many Andrew Peterson fans we have in the bar. I know Michael loved his music. For the AP fans, what are […]

I do hope never to watch Spirit: Stallion of Cimmaron ever again if I can help it, though. The mixture of Matt Damon voice-over work with Bryan Adams songs is not something I want to revisit. Jeremiah, that movie is just horrid. And my daughter loves it, so she’s watched it a million times. Just […]

Chris, this is one of the methods I see used to make works important, but not really, because God enables the works. So eternal security/assurance gets tied to works, but not really, because God enables the works. But it’s still works. But it’s not works, because works don’t save, but you have to do them or […]

I’m definitely not an open theist, but I think grappling with the open theists have at least given me a better appreciation of the texts Randy is bringing up. It’s made me less Calvinist than I once was. But being more weary of the whole debate than ever before, I’m more content to live with the […]

“Blink” is the best single hour of television I’ve ever watched. Chris, I said the exact same thing in the exact same words right after I watched it. I even made my wife watch it (she’s definitely not a sci-fi person).

Keep calm and don’t blink

See, I haven’t watched all the old ones. I will. But I’m sure there’s a huge difference, as I’ve heard elsewhere and now here. No doubt, even when not having the old ones to compare to, the current series is sometimes way over the top. But here’s the thing: The 10th Doctor is the only […]


Agree with Chris – definitely Haylee. I’m almost done catching up on Doctor Who (at least since 2005). Amy Pond is a Haylee-like character, which is why I like her so much. After Doctor Who, I’m going back for a Firefly re-watch. To the previous question, Rachel. I saw baptism come up. Our little Jack is […]

I also voted for Bob Barr in the last election, and the mustache was a huge factor. Andy, thanks for the kind words on the podcast. We’re going live again on Monday nights, 10pm EST, on Middle-Earth Radio, starting this coming Monday, by the way. It sounds brilliant to notice that Evangelicals are inconsistent in […]

Matthew, awesome. I can’t wait to re-live the series by watching the excitement on my kids’ faces. FT, I stumbled on Cafe Hayek today (or re-stumbled, as I used to read it more regularly 4 years ago). I came across Bordeaux linking James M. Buchanan on debt (my friend was citing the “we owe it […]

How do all my Facebook friends keep getting into this bar? Welcome, Andy. No discussion yet about Santorum? (Rick, not the other.) Are we all too politically weary for that discussion? To point out that he represents the conservative culture war Christian position, on steroids? That he loves to spend way too much to be […]