"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

Don’t Ask Me Where I’ve Been Unless You Know

Barthians Are A Lot of Trouble

The boss’s problem is he can’t accept that he’s a Barthian, not a Christian. So someone in here needs to say it: The Bible is true.

The boss sent me in to say that he’d like to post something, but if he breaks his own rules then the universe has no predictability and consistency, and lots of things will cease to exist. So, just be satisfied that if he had posted it, you would all have been greatly edified. It makes […]

From the Boss

Van Til here. I’ve actually peed on some of your shoes today, but most of you were too busy to notice. 1. The boss says he wouldn’t dead horse this conversation for hookers or money. 2. Remember when FC used to tell the boss stuff like he was a crying, butt kissing, touch feely, sissy? […]

Matthew: You may be lonely and bitter, but you aren’t this guy.

Hang around me. I’m never bitter. If I feel bitter, I pee on something. BTW barkeep, you might want to check out that jukebox. Something smells funny and I don’t think it’s the song selection.

The Bible Is True

So….Angus is back. Plan to pay that $85 dollar beer tab you hung me with two years ago? Remember, I can see up your kilt and I can work a camera. I also know what happened to your mother – in – laws chihuahua. Here’s my take: Guns: Own two. Had several fired at me. […]

Korean kids looked at me in a way I found disturbing. What’s up with that?

Not only am I back, I’m peeing on Josh’s tires right now.