"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

le edgy heretic

From conservative egalitarians to mainline women pastors Mainliners pretending to be edgy heretics because they’re feminists are cute the same way secular liberals pretending to be the rebellious underdogs because they’re against racism are.

What happened since the 1990s is that most of us white dudes are totally exhausted. Apparently all right-thinking people now believe that it is quite wrong and untoward to say that a man has the ability to choose not to rob a store and then assault a police officer. Since we’re at that point now […]

Parks and Recreation has declined in quality since they tried to make Leslie seem somehow not terrible. Also, feeding the homeless sounds like a great idea until your area is overrun by them.

“Hope and redemption” doesn’t make biology stop being real. Testosterone increases sex drive, which is why teenage boys have had a well-deserved reputation for being horny for as long as humans have been observing teenage boys. You can’t pray the T away. Here’s what we know works: Segregating the sexes. Don’t put them together when […]

I think it’s absolutely laughable how the same Christians who chide others for their backward, antiquated beliefs on evolution simultaneously disbelieve in everything biology teaches us about sexual dimorphism and mating instincts. Dress codes are sexist by nature, and they should be. The reason dress codes exist is because the sexes are real. We are […]

If Catholicism perpetuates itself, why is it dead in Europe? It’s certainly doomed in Mexico, for the same reason it was doomed in Western Europe by 1970: People that are fundamentally hostile to everything the Christian faith are entirely in control of all the civic institutions which form children’s minds. We like to make fun […]

I really don’t feel much like writing much anymore, anywhere. The Social Justice Warriors are going to get everything they want. While we fret about being forced to host gay weddings, they’re already teeing up transexualism as the next civil rights crusade. I can’t wait for the first discrimination lawsuit to hit the courts because […]

NT Wright also thinks the UN is a great force for good in the world.

What I Think.

Meh. This is a good article: http://thefederalist.com/2014/04/09/bait-and-switch-how-same-sex-marriage-ends-marriage-and-family-autonomy/ One-sentence summary of the argument: Once the state no longer has to recognize your marriage and family, the state no longer has to respect the existence of your marriage and family.

I don’t see anything wrong with telling every parent between the Rio Grande and Antarctica that if you are wildly irresponsible enough to send your child hundreds or even thousands of miles away unattended to a foreign country without any plan of survival, don’t worry, the American taxpayer will take care of it. Your bewildering […]