"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

I should congratulate JS Bangs on moving to Romania. Everywhere has its own special kind of insanity, but it seems that eastern Europeans are not possessed of the unique madness that they and their civilization have no right to exist.

The Coming LBGTQOMGWTF Revolution In Evangelicalism

Jason is right, of course. The majority of evangelical churches will eventually accept that a man can cruise parks and go to pool parties and still be a Christian. This is of course not because some well-known evangelical scholar will finally unlock the puzzle, discover that we were reading the Greek all wrong, and corroborate […]

The Future of Evangelicalism

On one hand, there will be a group that move to an increasing conservative stance, who will become indistinguishable from current Fundamentalists. On the other, a much larger group will find a way to make a theological case (not agreed with by all by any means, but at least with a strong look at the […]

I’m getting really sick of seeing Christians bend over and spread their cheeks for people who hate them. I get “love your enemy,” but that doesn’t mean throwing one of your own under the bus and saying, “yeah, she deserves jail.” No one put this woman in jail. Stop it. These people hate you. They’re […]

Planned Parenthood

The real question is how do we own this and blame ourselves? With the rising of the militant homosexual movement, which very soon will turn into suing Christianity out of the public eye, we blamed ourselves for not being nice enough to homosexuals for the last 2000 years. It’s our failure to communicate a message […]

If you signal enough about how much you’re not like those awful fundamentalists and overly pious knuckleheads, surely the militant secularists will spare you. Bake two cakes! They surely won’t up the ante until you break.

A Note To Women

In a total change of pace, I thought I’d give a little relationship advice to our women readers. I know, I know, in the modern day and age, we’re supposed to recognize that no woman can ever be at fault for any misfortune in her own life, nor can she be expected to act in […]

You’re missing my point. I’m not talking about normal usage. I’m talking about people who leave their loaded, chambered gun in their purse within reach of their toddler. Leaving aside the fact that many handguns can’t be “unchambered,” what *I* am talking about is the fact that such people are a statistically marginal minority, proportionately […]

I think a closer analogy, would be for someone to leave a child in a car with the engine running and the transmission in drive. No, that’s a terrible analogy. In normal usage, a carried firearm is safely tucked away and not doing anything. In normal usage, an automobile is hurtling down the road with […]