"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

A Note To Women

In a total change of pace, I thought I’d give a little relationship advice to our women readers. I know, I know, in the modern day and age, we’re supposed to recognize that no woman can ever be at fault for any misfortune in her own life, nor can she be expected to act in […]

You’re missing my point. I’m not talking about normal usage. I’m talking about people who leave their loaded, chambered gun in their purse within reach of their toddler. Leaving aside the fact that many handguns can’t be “unchambered,” what *I* am talking about is the fact that such people are a statistically marginal minority, proportionately […]

I think a closer analogy, would be for someone to leave a child in a car with the engine running and the transmission in drive. No, that’s a terrible analogy. In normal usage, a carried firearm is safely tucked away and not doing anything. In normal usage, an automobile is hurtling down the road with […]

I feel the same way about people who recklessly and carelessly drive their cars. Those sorts are a far greater danger to me on a far more regular basis.

Granted, but I’m not actually keen on shooting someone. I said deterrent. A shotgun is more intimidating than a handgun. It’s unlikely that the type of gun is ultimately what decides whether a home invader attacks you or not. The recoil is trivial and unless I inexplicably find myself in a shootout, one shot at […]

Annual accidental gun deaths: About 600 Annual accidental auto deaths: About 30,000 Annual accidental poison deaths: About 50,000 Source: CDC Irresponsible household chemical ownership is clearly far more common and a far more pressing danger than irresponsible gun ownership. Judging by accident stats and the fact that half of all US households have firearms, it […]

At the risk of starting a row here, what is it with people and guns? When you are carrying a pistol, is it really necessary to have it loaded, chambered, and with the safety off? None of the most popular models of handguns have switchable safeties. They mostly have mechanisms designed to prevent the gun […]

I suppose I should expand a bit. A fully realized progressive state will have a very, very short half-life. The important thing to understand here is that modern progressivism has no positive, constructive plan for the future. It is largely a destructive reflex; it’s the teenage cry of “I hate my parents!” organized as a […]

If Christianity is over, what should the faithful do? How do you think Christians should go about life under a Marxist/Feminist/Humanist/Secular/Orwellian-Dystopian State? The same way they have done under Communism and Islam. Try not to get shot.

Christianity isn’t about an “authentic community.” It’s about people who believe that yes, God is real, that yes, Jesus is his son, that yes, he died and rose from the grave, and that yes, eternal death awaits those who die in their sins. Most Millennials think that belief is stupid, and that it’s much more […]