"Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom?" –Marvin Martian

It takes a special kind of stupid to make a law against feeding homeless people.

Tom from Car Talk died today. I didn’t see my dad a whole lot growing up, but when I did you could almost bet there was a cassette Dad recorded from NPR of Car Talk playing in his Camaro. They were the very weird soundtrack of elation and sadness for me. As I said on Twitter, pour out some 10W-40 for Tom.

Idk, my first thought on reading that letter was that the dissolution of the multi-site borg in favor of independent local churches was about the best possible end game. Back when I had a vision to take over the world for Christ, it was always to spin off church plants and not build a network. As for the severance package, some lawyers probably were involved, so what are ya gonna do?

I will never understand PR-speak. When it comes from Christians and churches I get even more confused. It’s a little odd to hear someone that’s “excited” to dissolve a ministry and potentially close down churches in the wake of a scandal and resignation. It’s also a little weird to have the reminder to donate to the church more when they were throwing mid-6 digit figures at the guy who just walked out.

Incidentally, The lesser-reported story of a death at IHOP is getting increasingly bizarre. It’s bad when you’re part of an insular cult where the leader’s beyond crazy, having your church/school invite people over to scream in tongues at you in the name of “healing” after a suicide might cause you to say anything to stop it all.

Looks like that church in Seattle we aren’t supposed to talk about is going to close after cutting loose all its satellites. So ends a tragic tale.

Does Tolkien count? I would also hope Flannery O’Connor gets read at some point by Protestants.

And yes, if you’re Protestant and unless you have direct contacts with Orthodox believers or writers in the US/Canada, it’s safe to assume you are unaware there’s a difference. Even after being told the differences, I’m assuming a few might not see much of a distinction.

Catholics that Protestants read

don’t all Reformed types already read Chesterton? :)

Jesse, my hunch is that most Protestants don’t think about the Orthodox at all by and large and those that do consider them distinct from Catholicism since the schism … or maybe I’m just speaking for myself.

Fr. Alexander Schmemann, especially For the Life of the World.

(“Catholic” includes “Orthodox”, right?)

Question: Other than Merton, who is a Catholic writer every protestant or evangelical should read?

In the late 1990′s / early 2000′s our Men’s group was studying the Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper book. During the discussion about sexual purity/lust, all the men in the group admitted to an ongoing struggle against lust. Even our oldest class member, in his late 70′s admitted to still struggling with lustful thoughts. Lust continues to affect even Christian men.