"Seek out the society of your boon companions, drink, play, talk bawdy, and amuse yourself. One must sometimes commit a sin out of hate and contempt for the Devil, so as not to give him the chance to make one scrupulous over mere nothings…" –Luther

I’m So Sick Of the Religious Right’s Culture War

Gosh! Come on, conservatives! Stop being such aggressive culture warriors!

I wonder if the early Church managed to spread the Gospel without donating large sums of cash to pagan temple prostitutes.

So, just never mind evangelism then? Or is that incorporated by reference into the spitting and hunkering down?

The goal of the left-wing culture warriors is not simply to get gay marriage legalized, get more women hired as “tech evangelists” at the same salaries as the engineers who produce the actual tech, or allow men who wear women’s clothing to use the ladies’ room. It is to make it impossible for anyone who holds to socially deviant views to participate in polite society.
Because we were friends and they knew I liked them, they respected me for that. Sure they made a few jokes at my expense, but I just laughed with them
You’re a pastor, so contacting your employer and informing him that you have expressed morally incorrect views on sex, gender, race, global warming, and the Great Pumpkin will not get you fired.

That is becoming less and less true for everyone else.

The goal is to start at the top. Make it so that you can’t be an executive if you engage in crimethink at all. This will then percolate down through the rest of everything so that engaging in doubleplus ungood behavior will leave you cut off from the rest of society.

That’s the goal.

The goal is to turn America into a petty, passive-aggressive version of Soviet Russia. You can’t make your peace with the social justice war machine, because it won’t make its peace with you. You can hunker down and try to survive it, like Jesse’s doing it. Or you can spit in its eye, like I’m doing, because if you’re civilization is going to die anyway, might as well have good spit while it goes down.

What you can’t do is negotiate terms with it, because it seeks only unconditional surrender and total conquest.

Kate O’Mara played The Rani on Doctor Who. I had no idea she played on Dynasty, although I vaguely remember the show.

I have no idea what you’re talking about, Bill. How is Dynasty geek related?

Geek alert!

The Rani has died.

One of the reasons I went to law school is that I came to realize that I was more of an evangelist than a pastor. I wanted to be more in the world than I was able to be as the pastor of a church. So I come at this from the evangelist’s perspective. During law school, I spent lots of time in bars with tax collectors and sinners. We became friends. I talked about Jesus a lot, and the more I drank, the louder and bolder I became. But when the topic of sex came up, as it does a lot in bars, I would say to them something like, “Look–I can drink and cuss with you and join you in laughing at the mockworthy silliness of the evangelical subculture, but when it comes to sex, there’s no avoiding the fact that my beliefs are completely contrary to yours and the majority culture.” Because we were friends and they knew I liked them, they respected me for that. Sure they made a few jokes at my expense, but I just laughed with them. I wasn’t so attacked that I felt the need to grow an impermeable shell.

Why do you have to retreat into a Christian subculture to be defiant and counter-cultural?

How do you propose to be counter-cultural, if not by belonging to a counter-culture? This is a serious question. It seems like you want Christians to have a distinct set of morals and lifestyle, but without that distinctness actually separating them from the world in any way.

And this was possible as long as secular values still weren’t too different from Christian values. But we are entering a period where traditional (ie. non-progressive, theologically and morally conservative) Christianity is ceasing to be an acceptable minority position, and instead is actually identified as evil, bigoted, and oppressive. It’s moved outside the Overton window. You have a choice of either remaining acceptable to the mainstream and ditching the unacceptable parts of Christianity, or leaving the mainstream and developing a hard, impermeable shell against its attacks.

You know which one I’m choosing.

the culture war is over, and we lost.

Fearsome doesn’t seem to have made his peace with this yet. Jesse has, but has decided isolationism is the appropriate response. I’m agreeing that we lost the culture war, but suggesting there might be a way to maintain our convictions short of isolationism.